Put your fibre under the microscope with Optical Channel Monitoring

ProLabs’ recently launched the EON-OMP-2 solution set which is a flexible multi-capability optical platform. Among its wide array of capabilities, is Optical Channel Monitoring (OCM). OCM allows for the remote monitoring of DWDM wavelengths on optical fibers.

When it comes to monitoring fibre and ensuring maximum efficiency the fact is, site visits are not only expensive but also time consuming. ProLabs' EON-OMP-2 platform provides valuable insight into information that would normally only be gained by dispatching an engineer to the affected site. ProLabs’ EON-OMP-OCM integrate into standard management systems and each monitored wavelength in a fibre can be given its own alarm thresholds.

For example, at remote sites with no personnel present, when a resource fails is it the resource or the infrastructure? With OCM the network monitoring team can come to a determination within a couple of minutes, reducing the time taken to troubleshoot network issues and can prevent engineers needing to travel to remote sites for maintenance purposes. Having the optical data is valuable both for owned networks and leased resources.

OCM can be integrated into your management system and alarm when the optical characteristics of a given channel change. The solution also lends itself well to provisioning teams. How many upgrades have to be rescheduled due to records not being 100% accurate? ProLabs' EON-OMP-OCM can prevent aborted upgrades by allowing the provisioning team full visibility of the used optical wavelengths before an engineer is dispatched – saving both your and your customers’ time and money.

Source: ProLabs.