Stone Security Utilizes Anixter Resources for Continued Year-Over-Year Growth

Stone Security Utilizes Anixter Resources

In 2008, Stone Security was a new security integrator business located in Salt Lake City, Utah, that wanted to grow as well as learn about cutting costs related to sourcing, warehousing and inventory management. Stone Security met with Anixter’s local branch rep, Tyler Bannon, to discuss the benefits of having access to Anixter’s security inventory, space-saving warehousing and inventory management options as well as profit-enhancing services. Stone Security was impressed by Anixter’s wide reach complemented by a strong local service team eager to help them develop and grow.

Over the years, Stone Security has come to rely heavily on Anixter to fulfill their video surveillance and access control product needs for projects across a variety of industries, including higher education, K-12, government, cities and municipalities, corporate clients, mining and industrial.

However, Brent Edmunds, president at Stone Security, says the most value of working with Anixter doesn’t come from the products themselves, but from the ability to take advantage of all the other resources Anixter has to offer, “From sales process procurement and warehousing to inventory management and technical expertise, we take advantage of it all.”

Stone Security has access to a dedicated security specialist, who advises them on product selection, introduces them to new products, provides financing solutions and offers education and training to their team. Furthermore, their specialist participates in regular meetings with their sales team to find and close more opportunities, which has been key to the company’s growth.

“We are committed as a partnership 100 percent with Anixter, as they have been invaluable to our company’s growth. We see Anixter as an extension of ourselves and work in conjunction with them to maximize our joint opportunities,” says Edmunds.

Stone Security also has taken advantage of utilizing Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions LabSM, which has helped them win new business. “We’ve used the Anixter Lab to show customers technologies and leverage technical expertise that Anixter has, which shines a positive light on us by allowing our customers to see technology and solutions in action so they can make informed decisions,” says Edmunds.

In addition to products, resources and services, Stone Security values Anixter’s reliable product availability, local warehousing and kitting solutions. Anixter holds frequently-used products for Stone Security at their Salt Lake City warehouse, so they are readily available for the integrator. This means Stone Security doesn’t need to stock that product in their warehouse and, more importantly, they don’t have to pay for it until they need it. On large projects with aggressive rollout schedules, Anixter has also helped Stone Security by providing services such as kitting and IP addressing, which speed their project completion and increase their efficiency.

Edmunds says Stone Security has become a bigger and better company as a result of their close partnership with Anixter. “When you leverage all that Anixter has to offer, you are destined for success. Anixter has been a key factor in our growth, which has averaged 41 percent year over year the last five years.”

Photo provided by Stone Security