Marmon Electrical VITALink® Fire Safety Cable

Comtran and RSCC Wire & Cable, both part of Marmon Electrical, provide high performance solutions for circuit integrity applications. Since launching in 2000, the VITALink®  product line has become the most comprehensive line of circuit integrity cables, continuously innovating and developing to help protect lives. Meeting UL 2196, all VITALink® cable is designed to last 2 hours in a burning infrastructure and remain operational to ensure building occupants can evacuate safely. The cables support critical life safety applications in hospitals, high-rise buildings, airports, stadiums, train tunnels, etc. They are vital in locations where evacuation times are beyond the capabilities of standard fire alarm cable or when partial evacuation is required. Cables rated for 300 volts and higher are available.

Comtran 300V Circuit Integrity Cables

Comtran offers 300V circuit integrity solutions, including dual rated CI/CIC cables, Ethernet cables, and CCW armored cables. These VITALink® cables serve a variety of critical applications, such as emergency voice alarm communications (EVAC), area of refuge systems, and smoke and fire alarm systems, among others. CCW armored cables are ideal for these applications when located in harsh environments or enclosed spaces, such as commercial retrofits, historical buildings, and transit tunnels and platforms. In addition to UL 2196/ULC-S139, the cables meet NFPA 72 Levels 2 & 3 survivability requirements, as well as NFPA 70, 130, and 502.

VITALink® Dual Rated CI/CIC Cable

VITALink dual rated CI/CIC cables are available in a wide array of constructions and types. Rated as both Circuit Integrity (CI) and Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC), these VITALink cables can be installed either with or without conduit, depending on the application and code requirements. 

CI cables must be installed per NEC Article 760.24 and meet all national and local code requirements. CIC cables must be installed per the UL approved FHIT System 40A or FHIT7 System 40A and in accordance with Comtran’s installation instructions. The CIC acronym is not to be confused with the abbreviation for control & instrumentation cable in Canada. VITALink CIC cables are for circuit integrity applications when installed in conduit.

VITALink® Ethernet Cable

VITALink Ethernet cables meet Category 3 Channel requirements and can transmit speeds of at least 10 Mbps.

They feature a patent-pending design and are installed per the UL FHIT System 40A or FHIT7 System 40A. Multiple constructions are available.

VITALink® Armored Cable

VITALink Armored cables feature an impervious armor that offers enhanced mechanical protection and crush-resistance. The armor helps to prevent moisture, gas, and other harmful fluids from entering the cable and disrupting critical signals.

VITALink Armored cables are installed per UL FHIT System 40B or FHIT7 System 40B. Multiple constructions, including a jacketed option, are available.

RSCC Wire & Cable 600V Circuit Integrity Cables

RSCC Wire & Cable offers 600V solutions, which include MC armored cables for both commercial and transit environments, offering reduced cost, increased reliability, and ease of installation over other methods of providing fire-rated circuits. Applications for these VITALink cables consist of emergency lighting, ventilation systems, elevators, fan and damper pressurization systems, and fire pump feeder and controls, among others. They meet UL 2196/ULC-S139, UL 1569, CSA 22.2 Section 12-700 (mineral insulated cable), and NBC OS1 (fire safety). Products also meet NFPA 70, 72, 101.

VITALink MC and VITALink® RC90 Cable

VITALink MC and RC90 cables have an impervious armor for superior impact and crush-resistance, designed to support critical power circuits in commercial applications. They are installed per FHIT System 120 or FHIT7 System 120 with multiple sizes and conductor counts available.

VITALink® MC Transit and VITALink®RC90 Transit Cable

VITALink MC and RC90 Transit cables are designed to support critical power circuits in the transit environment. They have an impervious armor and are impact and crush-resistant. The cables are installed per FHIT System 120 or FHIT7 System 120 with multiple sizes and conductor counts available.