2014 Innovation in Automation Tour by WAGO

Packed with innovations that increase industry safety, reliability and profitability, the Innovation in Automation Tour (IIAT) features interactive products, pick-and-play displays, hand-held WAGO devices and free product samples and literature. Below is a sneak peak of the innovative products on board:

  • picoMAX┬« Pluggable Connector System augmented with hand-held PCB demos.
  • Thermal Transfer smartPRINTER instantly prints Continuous Marking Strips to better meet marking needs.
  • Ethernet 2.0 Programmable Controllers provide significant amounts of memory for PLC programs and Web applications, in addition to integrated dual-port Ethernet switches.
  • TOPJOB┬«S is the ideal solution for all industrial and hazardous applications, automatically adjusting for environmental influences such as temperature cycling and vibration.
  • PFC200 Controller for WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750/753 meets the growing need for space-saving controllers and provides high computing power in minimum space. 

Free visits are coordinated and guided by WAGO product experts who provide hands-on product demos and address specific application questions.

View the IIAT schedule and request a stop at www.wago.us.