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Stronger and Smarter Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure.
These days, threats of theft, vandalism, and terrorism are increasing in frequency and sophistication. Any break or interruption in regular service by a company that manages critical infrastructure systems can cause loss of revenue, a ruined reputation, risks to public safety, and even national security threats. Therefore, high-security access control systems are essential. ABLOY offers security and locking innovations that offer complete protection across your entire critical infrastructure, with "future-proof" solutions that cover mechanical, electromechanical and keyless technologies.

A Global Service & Support Network.
Comprehensive support is provided by ABLOY's service network, as well as regional competence centers around the world. In the USA, ABLOY is supporting the digital transformation of high security solutions with its new U.S. Competence Center in Irving, TX. This dedicated team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 to offer technical expertise, fill orders and support keyless solutions, mobile apps and other technologies for critical infrastructure applications and integrations. Contact us today to learn more about product availability and local support in your area.

ABLOY is a Solution Partner.

Mechanical solutions: ABLOY locks and cylinders are chosen worldwide for sensitive applications in the most exposed locations, continually defying the elements, on land and sea, in the coldest and the hottest of climates.

Keyless systems: ABLOY® BEAT Bluetooth padlock for critical infrastructure protection. From wherever you are the ABLOY BEAT mobile app allows flexible access and activation of user rights. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

CIPE Manager: The software solution that connects it all. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

InfraLOCK High-Security Locking Manhole System. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

Protec2 CLIQ electromechanical solution: secure every lock, key and access with remote access management.

ABLOY Padlocks: Your Strongest Link

Mortise cylinders, knob cylinders and mortice / rim cylinders are compatible with all mortice locks, rim locks and key-in-knob locks made according to the ANSI Standard. Please contact your sales representative for availability.

Cam Locks: High security locks for cash dispensers, gaming machines, revenue collection, weapons enclosures and more.

ABLOY Electric Locks: Easily integrated into access control systems and able to be combined with mechanical locking safety features needed, in fire and exit doors. Electric locks can also be integrated with door automatics for more convenient use.

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