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Acme Electric

Acme Electric is a full line manufacturer of dry-type distribution transformers. Acme's product offering covers the full spectrum of applications: commercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions; specific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems; low voltage landscape lighting applications.

All Acme products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.

Industrial Control Transformers

Acme Electric Industrial Control Transformers image

Acme's Industrial Control Transformers provide a low and safe control voltage for the operation of electromagnetic devices such as motor starters, contactors, solenoids, timers or any other loads requiring above average voltage regulation when actuated.

Distribution Transformers

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Acme Powerwise C3 Transformers are 30% better performing in efficiency than standard TP1 transformers. Thanks to a more efficient core and higher-grade electrical steel that minimizes losses, these energy-efficient units even exceed the requirements of the US Department of Energy Candidate Standard Level (CSL) 3 performance standard, commonly referred to as "C3".

Buck-Boost Transformers

Acme Electric Buck-Boost Transformers image

Buck-Boost Transformers are small single phase transformers designed to reduce (buck) or raise (boost) line voltage from 5-20%. The most common example is boosting 208 volts to 230 volts, usually to operate a 230 volt motor such as an air-conditioner compressor, from a 208 volt supply line.

Featured Acme Electric Products

Acme Electric CE010100 | CE Series Industrial Control Transformer image
Acme Electric TB181143 | TB Series Open Core & Coil Industrial Control Transformer image
Acme Electric T253014S | Single Phase Transformer image
Acme Electric T181058 | Buck-Boost Transformer Single Phase image
Acme Electric TP533143S | Three Phase Distribution Transformer image