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Dynamic IP Endpoints for Voice Paging, Notification, and Secure Door Entry

Trusted in telephony for over 50 years, Algo is a leading manufacturer of IP audio and video communication endpoints. Algo’s portfolio includes IP speakers, IP intercoms, IP paging adapters, IP strobe lights, IP supervision controllers, and IP endpoint accessories.

Algo is a Solution Partner.


Working with some of the largest communication companies in the world, and deployed across many verticals, Algo offers IP endpoints to suit requirements for:

  • Voice Paging & Public Address
  • Emergency Notification
  • Loud Ringing & Visual Alerting
  • Door & Gate Intercom
Algo Products
Algo IP Speakers

IP Speakers

Algo’s IP Speakers deliver highly intelligible audio for voice paging, notification, and background music with versatile configuration to make IP paging powerful and simple.

Algo IP Intercoms

IP Intercoms

Algo’s IP Intercoms are robust and purpose-built for secure door entry. Each Algo IP intercom is carefully designed for a specific use case, ensuring door security, ease of implementation, and a form factor that is fit for purpose.

Algo Paging Adapters

IP Paging Adapters

Algo’s IP Paging adapters seamlessly bridge IP environments to legacy paging systems. Algo’s IP Paging adapters eliminate complexity in your paging environment, ensuring effective communication with simplified configuration.

Algo Strobe Lights

IP Strobe Lights

Algo’s IP Strobe Lights deliver highly notable visual alerting for telephone ring detection, safety, security and emergency notification. Utilizing long-life LEDs, Algo strobe lights assure key notification in noisy environments when audible alerting will not suffice.

Algo IP Supervision Controllers

IP Supervision Controllers

Algo’s IP Endpoint Supervisor offers centralized device monitoring and supervision of Algo IP endpoints to optimize system management, configuration, and reliability. Monitor and manage all your Algo endpoints with a simple web dashboard.

Algo IP Endpoint Accessories

IP Endpoint Accessories

Algo’s suite of IP Accessories provide flexibility, adaptability and added functionality to the Algo IP suite. Ranging from mounting hardware, ring detectors to emergency call buttons, Algo’s IP accessories complement core IP endpoints to customize your application.

Algo is a leading manufacturer of IP audio and video communication endpoints, and a trusted developer and supplier to communications companies globally. Customers choose Algo for:

  • Best Possible User Experience & Support
    In addition to a practical configuration via user friendly web interface or auto-provisioning, Algo’s engineering team provides educational and informative guidance when installing and deploying devices to solve your most demanding communication challenges.
  • Robust Feature Set
    Algo products are feature rich, designed with the versatility and functionality to be deployed across many verticals and applications. All Algo IP products include core features such as advanced security (TLS), RTP multicast and remote supervision and configuration via web interface; while more tailored features such as ambient noise detection in speakers and bell scheduling in paging adapters make Algo products highly versatile.
  • Ease of Deployment
    Algo’s PoE devices are powered from the network - there is no local power, common equipment or server required since all is embedded within the endpoints via web interface. With Algo’s portfolio, customers can standardize on infrastructure and be able to manage, monitor, and configure devices over the network.
  • Proven Compatibility
    Algo products are designed and tested for seamless integration with UC, Collaboration, and Mass Notification systems. A compatible VoIP phone system must support a 3rd party SIP endpoint in order to register an Algo IP device; in general, this includes most cloud / hosted and premise phone systems or UC platforms.

Deploying Algo Solutions


For many organizations voice paging and notification is an essential requirement for communicating with occupants of a building. Deploying Algo IP Speakers for voice paging presents several benefits; including remote network configuration, endpoint supervision, scalability, and audio performance. Algo IP speakers can adjust to ambient noise, prioritize messages from multiple sources, play background music and offer scaled zoning options. Algo IP Paging devices are cost-effective and scalable from a single speaker to an organization-wide paging solution.


Algo offers visual and audible event notifications for loud ringing, bell scheduling, automated announcements, and safety or security communication. Algo loud ringers and strobe lights provide solutions for telephone ringing and night bell applications in noisy and noise-sensitive environments. 


Deploying Algo IP endpoints for emergency notification systems ensures clear and reliable alerting of safety, security, and emergency events. Using any Algo IP speaker, strobe light, or paging adapter, the user can activate and emergency notification system by dialing an Emergency Alert Extension on an Algo SIP endpoint or by connecting a button (or similar switch) to an Algo device via a relay input. Any combination and number of Algo IP endpoints can be configured as a multicast for emergency alerting to cover any size room, building, campus, or enterprise.


Algo IP intercoms are ideally suited for a variety of door entry locations; adding security and communication to any building entry point. Algo’s intercoms are robust and purpose-built for secure door entry. Each Algo IP intercom is carefully designed for a specific use case, ensuring door security, ease of implementation, and a form factor that is fit for purpose.

Distribution Center


Deploy Algo’s IP speakers, intercoms, and strobe lights into your network infrastructure to support IP based communication and operational technology. IP based endpoints can provide public address (voice paging), security intercom and safety or emergency notification.

School Hallway


Algo’s endpoints facilitate building and campus communications for emergency situations or daily needs. Deploy Algo speakers, alerters, and displays for a clear and concise mass notification system; applications include emergency alerts, daily announcements, school news, events reminders, clock and messages.

Transportation Center


The deployment of Algo IP endpoints in transportation spaces is part of the core business of the industry. Voice paging, audio/visual alerting, and emergency notification are solutions required for the functionality of services in airports, rail & train stations, bus terminals, ships, and truck leasing.

Manufacturing Center


Deploying Algo products improve productivity, security and employee safety. As plants modernize network infrastructure to support IP based communication, Network Administrators appreciate the ease of configuration of Algo IP endpoints to build and configure voice paging, security intercom and emergency notification systems.

Retail Center


Use Algo’s IP Endpoints to warn and inform clients inside retail stores. Broadcast specific or scheduled announcements and provide background music to selected areas or the entire building. Address large crowds of people with seamless communication.

Government Building


Governments at all levels demand internal communication to inform employees and the general public. Algo products are deployed in many government agencies including Municipal buildings, Military, Police Stations, Military, Border Services, Senates & Parliament.

Healthcare Center


Algo IP endpoints are deployed extensively in hospitals for public address IP voice paging, notification, patient monitoring and premise security. With Algo IP enablement, large hospitals with multiple amplifiers can easily utilize an existing network to distribute paging signals.

Algo Best Sellers

Innovative and functional IP Endpoints for public address, paging, and visual notification. Combine a variety of Algo visual and audible IP endpoints to create more comprehensive public address (PA) and notification alerting solutions.

Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter & Scheduler

Algo 8301 IP Paging Adapter & Scheduler

Wideband IP Paging Adapter & Bell Scheduler for Integrating Legacy Analog Amplifiers.

  • Seamless bridge from VoIP to a legacy analog PA system.
  • Multicast to IP endpoints and provide line output audio to support both IP and analog infrastructure as one system.
  • Scheduler for automated bells, tones, and announcements.
Algo 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker

Algo 8198 IP PoE+ Ceiling Speaker

IP Ceiling Speaker with Satellite Extension Technology for High Intelligibility IP Paging, and Excellent Music Capability, at Reduced Costs.

  • Connect and supervise multiple satellite speakers – automatically detected by the IP Speaker 8198.
  • Up to 75% fewer network drops.
  • Lower cost per speaker.
  • Remotely manageable.
Algo 8138 IP PoE Strobe Light

Algo 8138 IP PoE Strobe Light

IP Multi-Color Visual Alerter for Telephone, Safety, Security & Emergency Alerting.

  • Designed for telephone ringing where noise, noise sensitivity or hearing impairment are at issue.
  • Deployed with IP Speakers as part of public address (PA) and mass notification system.
  • Four color LED: amber, blue, green and red.


Algo 8180 IP PoE Audio Alerter

Algo 8180 IP PoE Audio Alerter

Wall mount IP speaker for voice paging, emergency alerting and loud ringing applications.

  • IP loud ringing / ringer or night bell to avoid missed calls in noisy locations.
  • Ideal for a school or college classroom, office, lunchroom, kitchen, restaurant, etc.
Algo 8190S IP PoE+ Speaker - Clock & Visual Alerter

Algo 8190S IP PoE+ Speaker - Clock & Visual Alerter

IP Paging Speaker, Clock & Visual Alerter for Classroom & Commercial PA Systems.

  • Ideal for a school or college classroom, in addition to a waiting area / room for hospitals, government offices and transport terminals, and workplace lunch or break room and cafeteria spaces.
  • Four-speaker line array, talkback speaker with call button.
  • High visibility clock with four color LEDs.