Antrica is a UK based manufacturer, supplier and market leader of H.264 and H.265 hardware, ONVIF 4K, HD & SD video over IP video encoders and video decoders. Their video encoders are used to convert non-IP live video into an ONVIF or standard RTSP IP stream for integration with VMS systems. The encoders are widely approved by and integrated with the key VMS market leaders like Milestone, Genetec and others. Antrica's video decoders are used to display IP video streams from cameras or other sources without the need for a computer or VMS client license. Their video decoders can decode up to 100 IP cameras and have multiple display options.

Featured Products

ANT-35000A HDMI, HD-SDI & Composite Input ONVIF H.264 HD Video Encoder
ANT-2400 Small 4K HDMI & DVI H.265 HD UHD H.265 Or H.264 4K Video Encoder
ANT-35000H - HDMI ONVIF H.264 HD Video Encoder
ANT-36000 HDMI, 3G HD-SDI & Composite Output H.264 HD 1080P60 Video Decoder
ANT-37000 Spotbox4k 4K UHD HDMI Input H.264 & H.265 4K Video Decoder