White Paper: A Construction Kit for Secure Wireless Network Design

Tobias Heer
Head of Embedded Development – Functions Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH

Bernhard Wiegel
Lead Engineer –  Wireless Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH

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While most wireless office networks can cope with short downtimes and disruptions, mission-critical machines cannot tolerate such problems without interrupting their operation, and ultimately impacting the bottom line.

Executive Summary

Security has always been an important consideration when applying wireless technology in industrial applications. Influenced by discussions in the IT world, the perceived threats often relate to a loss of confidential data or intrusion by an attacker. As a result, industrial control system (ICS) security discussions are often reduced to the need for encryption mechanisms.

Modern security procedures, however, offer much more than data encryption. Topics, such as central access control systems, intrusion detection, firewalling and the protection of management frames, are also important components of a comprehensive security concept.

Another critical aspect of