The Belden Standard

Quality and compliance are at the heart of every cable Belden delivers. Due to the economic climate, the focus on price has intensified. This has led to a whole new range of sub-standard and even faulty cables entering the market. How can their prices be so low? All too often the answer is: by saving on product components and/or cutting corners on quality.


The Belden standard

Saving cost… at what expense?

The cost of key cable components can be up to 80% of the total product cost. Changing the grades of the materials for the cable insulation and the cable jacket alone can reduce costs up to 20%. With copper prices inflating, some manufacturers go so far as to use thinner copper cores than claimed or even use aluminum coated in copper! This can lead to significant electrical hazards and performance flaws.

Class A-Material

Belden assesses each of the key cable components in detail for their suitability in the application and the factors to be considered. Belden's cable designs include tolerances for additional protection. They have the UL Listing and high IEC flammability compliance
to prove it.


When comparing two relatively simple cables, you will not see the difference, but you can be certain Belden uses:

  • Thicker insulation wall thickness to accommodate voltage
  • Thicker jacket walls to accommodate mechanical damage and flame retardancy
  • Higher shield coverage and contact to negate interference
  • Cross-section conductor sizes at the upper tolerance limits to avoid overheating and lower current resistance

This is the way, Belden delivers safe and reliable cables that live up to the Belden standard.