InstaPATCH QUATTRO Pre-Terminated Copper Solution

InstaPATCH QUATTRO is a 10GBASE-T and 1GBASE-T cassette and trunk based connectivity solution that combines high-performance with plug-and-play simplicity for fast data center deployment and easy modification as your network needs evolve. 

Three integrated parts create one simple solution

Designed to work seamlessly together, InstaPATCH QUATTRO components add up to much more than the sum of their parts.

CommScope InstaPATCH Trunk Cables

Trunk cables and Breakouts

  • Four-channel trunk cables equipped with InstaPATCH QUATTRO MC connectors speed installation
  • Simple, configurable options equal simple orders and designs
  • Breakout cables available with RJ45 connectors for direct attachment to active equipment
  • Every InstaPATCH QUATTRO trunk and breakout are FLUKE® Networks tested and certified
CommScope InstaPATCH Cassettes


  • Four-channel cassettes feature an InstaPATCH QUATTRO MC connector on the back and four RJ45s on the front
  • Intuitive, familiar design is similar to our popular InstaPATCH 360 fiber architecture, making installation fast and easy
  • Every InstaPATCH QUATTRO cassette is FLUKE Networks tested and certified

CommScope InstaPATCH Panels


  • Two choices for capacity and density provide more design flexibility:
    • 24-port 1U (standard density, Intelligent or Intelligence-Ready)
    • 48-port 1U (high density)
  • Available with or without module(s)