Next Generation Frame (NGF) Optical Distribution Frame Solution

The Next Generation Frame (NGF) is a high-density optical distribution frame solution. The NGF product line has fiber frames designed to fit a variety of applications. All have ample trough space for cable and jumpers, and easy access to connectors. Frame sections come fully equipped with all cable-management hardware, including integrated jumper slack storage that will reduce jumper pile-up in horizontal troughs. The NGF frame's ability to easily access connectors and manage fiber cables will have a direct impact on your network's reliability, performance, and bottom line today. And it will ready your network for rapid growth tomorrow.

NGF Solution

The NGF solution is comprised of the following components:

  • Frames
  • Fiber Termination Blocks (FTBS)
  • Sliding Adapter Packs

The NGF was developed for high-fiber count applications. At 2304 terminations in a standard frame and 3456 terminations in a high density frame, its unique, user-friendly design and superior cable management provide enterprise customers an optimum solution to handle applications with high fiber counts such as data centers. The NGF product line is designed to fit a variety of termination, splice, and storage applications. This frame is designed with an emphasis on superior cable management and ease of use, including features such as ample trough space for cable and jumpers, easy access to connectors, and storage for jumpers. The frame sections are shipped from the factory fully equipped with all cable management hardware including a built-in jumper storage panel

Fiber Termination Blocks (FTBs) are available with SC adapters in block configurations of 144-positions, and with LC adapters in 144- and 192-positions. FTBs utilize sliding adapter packs to gain easy access to both the front and rear connectors. FTBs can be ordered with adapters only, with factory terminated IFC stubs, or as Plug-and-Play cassettes.

Sliding adapter packs house groups of fiber optic adapters and are mounted in fiber termination blocks to provide easy access to connectors. Sliding adapter packs are available with SC, LC and MPO adapters. The adapters come in packs of four and six depending on the adapter type and the desired termination density.

Features and Benefits 

Next Generation Fiber Frame image

Ample Trough Space

  • Reduces jumper pile-up, congestion and maintenance
    – Easy removal and tracing of jumpers
    – Minimizes risk of damage to fiber Built-in Jumper Storage Panel 
  • Minimizes number of required jumper lengths 
  • Maintains fiber bend radius 
  • Simplifies frame installation
    – Reduces the number of jumper lengths that have to be inventoried
    – Minimizes risk or damage to fiber 
  • Enclosed system ensures easy cable access without fiber cross-over points

Next Generation Fiber Frame image

Sliding Adapter Packs

  • Promote high density 
  • Provide easy access to connectors
    – Saves valuable floor space
    – Reduced operation and maintenance time

Intelligent Cable Routing System

  • No fiber cross-over points
  • Multiple vertical troughways
    – Easier removal and tracing of jumpers 

Bend Radius Protection at Every Turn 

  • Ensures network performance and reliability