Corning Pretium EDGE® AO Solutions

Corning Pretium EDGE® AO Solutions

Corning Pretium EDGE® AO Solutions is a comprehensive suite of advanced optical components that enable the next level of performance in your data center or storage area network. From network monitoring to migration to parallel optics, this advanced optical technology integrates directly into your Pretium EDGE Solutions cabling system for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

The Value of Pretium EDGE AO Solutions

Return on Investment

Improve Fiber ROI 
by 20 - 40%

Pretium EDGE AO components use 100% of the trunk fibers at 40/100G

Improve Infrastructure ROI
by 30 - 50%

Use existing hardware at the same port density you have today - no new hardware to purchase

Installation and MACs

Speed installation by 35%
Only change the modular components - no time spent pulling new cable or installing new hardware

Reduce MAC costs by 25%
Built-In polarity management options ensure installation goes quickly


33% more dense than next best alternative at 40/100G
Rack units cost $, floor space costs $ - use less of it!

10 - 25% reduction in cost through port aggregation
The SFP+ harness enables port aggregation with exisiting 10G electronics

$0 additional cabling spend to migrate from 40G to 100G
Transitions from 40G to 100G (4x25) with no change to conversion harnesses, modules - only the electronics change

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