Corning’s WCH Golden Ticket Promotion

Golden Ticket Promotion

Corning is introducing 12 Golden WCH-02P Housings into distribution inventory. Golden housings with tickets will be placed into U.S. and Canada distribution inventory from March 2015 to December 2015, or until all Golden Tickets have been found.

Lucky finders of the Golden Tickets will each win a $2,500 VISA® gift card. If you think you found a winning ticket, click here!

Purchase on for your chance to win!


Corning wall-mountable connector housing (WCH) product family offers enhanced innovative features that make installation and troubleshooting of fiber optic connectivity faster, easier and more cost-effective. From fiber and cable routing and strain-relief to port labeling and termination, these housings reduce the risk of error that can disrupt networks.

The WCH housing provides interconnect or cross-connect capabilities between the outside plant, riser or distribution cables and the opto-electronics. With the WCH-02P (two panels, cassettes or modules), WCH-04P (four panels, cassettes or modules), and WCH-06P (six panels, cassettes or modules) capacity, the rugged metal housings can be wall mounted in main cross-connects, telecommunication rooms or other areas where space is a premium. Units accept standard closet connector housing (CCH) cassettes, connector panels and modules for a variety of connectivity options.

The WCH product family features a clear, transparent jumper side door for easy visibility during installation and testing, easy-to-use recessed mounting holes with mounting screws, documentation labels, removable strain-relief brackets, routing clips and guides, improved latches, as well as a preinstalled bubble level for simple and accurate installation. All housings also have field-installable lock kits available for both cable entry and jumper side doors.

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