Digitus Biometrics, a leader in physical data center security, delivers the industry’s most complete set of biometric access control solutions (as well as card based solutions). Digitus access control solutions are capable of securing entire enterprises from the front doors of multiple buildings to the individual server cabinet door in the data center, all on a unified platform that delivers an indisputable audit trail covering every protected access point. Digitus products are also fully compatible with the top legacy access control platforms, like Lenel, AMAG, Honeywell, Software House and others.  This compatibility enables Digitus customers to manage Digitus products through their existing access control software.


Digitus’ proprietary biometric technology, IP networking, intuitive management software, and unique configurations combine in a unified platform for:

  • Centralized administration
  • Real- time monitoring of cabinets & events
  • Real-time alerts that can be pushed out to hand held devices
  • Indisputable audit trails for regulatory compliance

  • Biometrics and card access solutions
  • A configuration to meet every budget
  • Protection from the front door to interior doors to server cabinet door
  • Guaranteed compliance with all government and industry regulations
  • Installed on new cabinets or retrofit unto existing cabinets

The Digitus solution has been successfully installed since 2005. In that time period, considering thousands of successful installations, Digitus customers have experienced zero security breaches. Combine this with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, including “guaranteed compliance” with all government and industry regulations, and you have a value proposition second to none.


  • Server Cabinet Access Control
    • Products: db Bus, db Sentry, db Enline
  • Building/ Room Access
    • Products: db Nexus, db Nexus Duo 

Featured Digitus Biometric Products

db Bus - Controller
Digitus Biometric DBENLINE-2 db Bus Enline End-of-Row Reader
Digitus Biometric db Sentry
Digitus Biometric db Nexus Duo
db Nexus

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