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Dormakaba makes access in life smart and secure. As one of the top three companies in the industry, dormakaba is the trusted partner for products, solutions and services for access to buildings and rooms from a single source. With strong brands such as Dorma, Kaba and Best in its portfolio, the company and its numerous cooperation partners are represented in over 130 countries worldwide.

People want to be carefree, and security is instrumental to living a simple, uncomplicated life. Our mission is to create access solutions that make life easy, security seamless and comfort attainable.

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Keyscan Networked Access Control Solutions

Keyscan is focused on developing and manufacturing innovative access control hardware and software. The Keyscan product line combines ease of deployment and flexible system design while delivering high-powered features and capabilities that satisfy even the most complex access control system installations. The Keyscan product line can be found securing embassies, military bases, hospitals, power generation plants, automotive facilities, banks, schools, multi-national organizations, and retail facilities.

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RCI Electronic Access Controls

Rutherford Controls International Corp.’s history dates back to the1920’s, when J.H. Shellard Rutherford opened a small retail hardware shop in the town of Galt, Ontario, Canada. Innovation and foresight distinguished Rutherford from his competitors, as he was one of the first in the region to tap into the growing demand for electrical products by stocking a wide variety of electrical goods and supplies. In the early 1960s, the company incorporated architectural hardware distribution into its operation.More than simply electric strikes and electromagnetic locks, RCI's product portfolio includes a full-line of power supplies, switches, keypads, RFID readers, credentials and specialty locks – all designed to complement and integrate with other access control solutions.

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dormakaba stand-alone & wireless access control

E-Plex standard locks start as a stand-alone access solution for a single door. Programming solutions build E-Plex locks into an enterprise solution that can span multiple facilities and thousands of doors. The wireless option for E-Plex Enterprise software allows advanced management.

PowerPlex 2000 locks are self-powered electronic locks that do not require batteries or other power sources. The lock generates its own power with every turn of the lever. The lock can be simply programmed with multiple user-codes and offers audit trail accountability.

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dormakaba Architectural Door Hardware

With more than 100 years of tradition behind it, a world market leader in door controls, surface and floor closers, eixt devices, locksets, low energy operators and accessories.

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As one of America's favorite hardware brands, BEST® has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years. BEST high-quality access solutions feature interchangeable cores and masterkey systems. Known for its American craftsmanship and proven performance, BEST solutions and components form the pinnacle of today's toughest mechanical security solutions. Our unparalleled quality and engineering make us a top choice of distributors and customers worldwide.

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Phi Precision

Precision Exit Devices

PRECISION exit devices have earned a reputation for strength in every situation—performing in even the most abusive applications.

For more than half a century, PRECISION has been manufacturing panic and fire exit hardware. Designed with a durable frame with fewer moving parts, our high-quality products provide performance that lasts—and gives you a lower cost of ownership over the product life cycle.

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Stanley Hinges & Door Accessories

Door reliability starts with hinges. STANLEY has been designing, manufacturing and delivering high-quality commercial hinges.

From ball bearing and concealed bearing, to spring and continuous styles, STANLEY offers hinges that fit your specific door, frame and wall application. Their durable construction, and choice of standard or heavy-duty options, ensures you get the right solution for a range of door weights and sizes.

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Stanley Commercial Hardware

STANLEY Commercial Hardware products are designed to fit a variety of commercial applications, from mixed-use developments and multifamily housing to offices, retail outlets and other buildings.

Our mechanical and electronic locks, exit devices and closers deliver quality you need at a price you can afford. Plus, with industry-best lead times and the ability to ship products from a single location, the STANLEY brand is certain to give you what you need—right when you need it.

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Stanley Door Closers

STANLEY premium door closers offer a wide range of door control solutions that exceed today's growing demand of architectural opening requirements.

These door closers incorporate a special R-14 silicon aluminum alloy construction—assuring unmatched performance and durability. Our full line of non-handed surface and concealed closers—ideal for every type of opening in a building—are available in a variety of architectural finishes.

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