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The Draka brand is part of the Prysmian Group. In applications ranging from drilling, extraction and storage equipment to platform and processing facilities operation, Prysmian’s state-of-the-art cable systems support many major customers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, along with related businesses.


Draka Bostrig Type P Marine and Offshore Cables image

Draka's Bostrig Type P marine and offshore cables are primarily designed for power, control, signal and instrumentation applications for offshore, land drilling rigs, marine vessels and offshore production facilities. Learn more▸

Featured Draka Group Products

Draka 26226 | Bostrig Type P Control CabLe 4 Conductor Unarmored image
Draka Bostrig Type P 26208 | Control Cable 3 Conductor Unarmored image
Draka 26020 | Bostrig Type P Power Cable Single Conductor Unarmored image
Draka 26429 |Bostrig Type P Signal Cable Armored image
Draka 26364 | Bostrig Type P Signal Cable Unarmored image