MaxTester 720C Access OTDR from EXFO

This EXFO's fully featured OTDR with tablet-inspired design combines singlemode and multimode fiber testing in a dedicated and compact quad unit to allow everyday field testing in access networks, data centers and private enterprise networks.

MaxTester 720C Access OTDR from EXFO image

The MaxTester 720C (MAX-720C) provides first-time-right fiber characterization thanks to its short dead zones and effective dynamic range. This compact quad unit is optimized for singlemode and multimode field testing for data centers, private/enterprise networks, FTTA and fronthaul deployments.

The MAX-720C includes a power meter, a visual fault locator, Wi-Fi connectivity and high-resolution inspection capabilities, making the unit a complete and an integrated contractor tool.

The MAX-720C Advantage

MaxTester 720C Access OTDR: Advantage image
  • 7-inch outdoor-enhanced touchscreen and tablet-inspired versatility
  • Accurately pinpoint faulty connectors or fiber breaks on short spans thanks to optimized multimode performances
  • Fully featured and integrated field test solution
  • Complete your certification test solution by adding the following units
    • Fiber inspection scope (FIP-430B) to confirm connectors are clean
    • Optical Explorer, an Optical fiber multimeter (OFM) for quick link verification (OX1)
    • Live fiber detection kit (LFD-300B/TG-300B) to find the right fiber to work on

Key Features

  • Handy, lightweight, powerful, tablet-inspired design
  • Dynamic range of up to 36 dB in singlemode and 29 dB in multimode
  • Rugged design built for the outside plant
  • 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen–the biggest in the handheld industry
  • Live fiber testing at 1625 nm
  • 12-hour autonomy
  • iOLM-ready: intelligent and dynamic application that turns complex OTDR trace analysis into a one-touch task
MaxTester 720C Access OTDR: Key Features image


MaxTester 720C Access OTDR: Applications image
  • Access network construction and troubleshooting
  • Data-center tier-2 troubleshooting
  • Fronthaul/backhaul (FTTA, FTTT, remote radio heads, DAS and small cells)
  • FTTx/PON testing though splitters (up to 1x32)
  • Private/enterprise networks
  • Central-office (CO) link certification
  • LAN/WAN characterization

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