Free Fluke Fiber Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide!

Free Fluke Fiber Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide! banner ad emea

Time and resources are constantly in demand for enterprises.
With the consolidation of networks combined with server and network virtualization, data centers are becoming increasingly complex. Testing plays a key role in ensuring the fiber optic cables that make up
the network are running efficiently. Controlling network loss is becoming an increasingly important task for network engineers as loss budgets get smaller and demands on networks increase and intrinsic to this is testing and inspection of fibers.

Fluke Fiber Testing Best Practices pocket guide was designed by Fluke Networks to educate about important optical fiber handling best practices, including:

  • Fiber inspection and cleaning, 
  • Loss-length fiber testing (Tier 1 certification), 
  • Fiber plant characterization and troubleshooting (Tier 2 certification),
  • Documentation. 

Whether you handle fiber on a regular basis or just occasionally, this pocket guide will serve as a useful tool to ensure you never miss a critical step during your fiber testing or troubleshooting.

Download your FREE Fiber Testing Best Practices Pocket Guide now and learn how to minimize costly callbacks, troubleshooting time and network downtime.