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Great Lakes Data Racks & Cabinets and Anixter work together to provide physical infrastructure solutions to data centers in government and commercial enterprises. This partnership brings US manufactured products—UL-listed cabinets, wall mounts, and racks—and superior customer service together with Anixter's unparalleled technological expertise and Supply Chain Solutions. As a team, Anixter and Great Lakes integrate, ship, and coordinate international and domestic rollouts of fully integrated cabinets with cable management, airflow, power, and security solutions.

Great Lakes Data Racks & Cabinets is a Solution Partner.


That's right, you can have it all. When it comes to data center products, there's not much we can’t do. It's how we rack your world. Need a quote within the hour? No problem. Want to talk direct to our engineers? Sure thing. Need us to keep your made-to-order product in stock? You got it . Security solutions. Stack integration and inventory. No-hassle shipping. Custom or stock cabinets. Cooling strategies. Around the country, around the world, our team gets it done with fast, flexible and easy services.


  • Stocked inventory of most standard product allows shipping 24-48 hours ARO
  • Product stocked and shipped from multiple Great Lakes distribution centers
  • No minimum order required

STACK Integration

  • Purchased Great Lakes accessories installed in cabinets and wall mounts free of charge
  • Accessories which cannot be installed prior to shipping (e.g. overhead cable troughs) are packaged and placed inside the cabinet (reduce packaging and freight costs!)
  • Third party product and customer supplied products can be drop shipped to Great Lakes and integrated

STACK Orders

  • Cabinets with installed accesses can become part of inventory and available on the warehouse floor
  • A single, customer-specific part number is assigned and encompasses the cabinet and any accessories
  • Easy reordering with fast turnaround


  • Cabinets, racks, and wall mounts typically packaged with shrink wrap and corrugated material
  • Specialty options such as shock pallets, fully enclosed crates, etc.
  • Bulk packing of smaller products and accessories

Shipping and Delivery

  • Standard dock-to-dock or liftgate delivery
  • Inside delivery or white glove service to specific rooms and floors of a facility
  • Specialty options such as package removal, floor protection, etc.

No-Hassle Freight Protection
Great Lakes offers one of the best freight damage policies in the industry! Using our “Pre-pay and Add” shipping option ensures your product arrives exactly how it should.

  • Choose “Pre-pay and add” as a shipping option at the time of order
  • Great Lakes will choose a dedicated carrier
  • Upon arrival, the customer has 72 hours to inspect the order and inform Great Lakes of any damage

In the event that product is damaged, simply make one call to Great Lakes to inform us of your claim and we will replace any and all damaged parts at no cost to the customer or end user

A well planned and managed airflow strategy is able to produce an efficient data center where utility consumption is reduced, IT equipment life is extended, and cost savings is realized in multiple areas of the data center. Choosing to work with Great Lakes gives customers access to a number of airflow solutions:

  • Best Practices – have filler panels, brush grommet, etc. installed prior to cabinet shipping!
  • Localized Containment
  • Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment
  • CFD Analysis
  • Learn more about Great Lakes Airflow Solutions
Airflow Image

Well managed cables create a more reliable network, facilitate better airflow within a cabinet, and create a better space for rack-mount equipment maintenance and installation. Accessories to accommodate internal and external cable management applications are in stock and available to ship with your cabinet.

Products include:

  • External cable managers, or Side Car
  • Top cable troughs
  • Ladder rack brackets and cable runway
  • Vertical and horizontal cable bars
  • Finger and ring mounting along the Flexible Mounting Profile (FMP): a series of holes outside of the EIA pattern to mount multiple accessories without taking up RMU space
Cable Management Image
Cable Management 2 Image

A standard portfolio of UL508A Listed, NEMA 250 Type 3R, 4, and 4X wall mounts and enclosures serve as the basis for customer requirements. Each of these series of products have been tested and certified to a maximum size; products are not stocked which allow enclosures to be manufactured to any dimension needed (up to a maximum size) and still maintain a UL listing.

NEMA 12K enclosures and wall mounts are standard indoor enclosures and are stocked in various sizes. Product is able to be configured with Great Lakes purchased accessories and then shipped 24-48 hours after receipt of order.

To view available industrial enclosures, visit

Industrial enclosures can be modified with variations in the following categories:


  • Powder coat
  • Color
  • Smooth
  • Textured


  • Fans
  • Filters
  • AC unit
  • Heat exchangers

Mounting Options

  • Wall mount kit
  • Pole mount kit
  • Pad mount feet
  • Pad mount riser


  • Cold rolled steel
  • Stainless steel 304 and 316
  • Aluminum
  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Mullion
  • Non-mullion


  • EIA spaced rails
  • Back panel
  • Door stop kit
  • Data pocket
  • Grounding kit and bus bar
  • Intelligent access control

SEAL® by Great Lakes Case & Cabinet represents the first complete solution for eliminating the physical threat to data. Methodically engineered enclosures complete with identification and tracking technologies address security concerns while offering visibility into activity surrounding the enclosures. The growing insider threat organizations face calls for more robust and sophisticated protection. With SEAL, technology on the exterior helps safeguard technology on the interior.

Cabinet Security

The SEAL cabinet is a cabinet dedicated to eliminating the risk of threats to rack mount equipment in the data center. Features of SEAL cabinets include:

  • Intelligent access control
  • Perimeter door channels to protect cables
  • Tamper resistant sides, tops, and gland plates
  • Fully welded cabinet frame with recessed doors and sides
  • Learn more about SEAL cabinets

Security Panel System

The Great Lakes Security Panel System creates a perimeter layer of security within the data center itself. The system helps data centers-- particularly co-location facilities that must meet security requirements for multiple clients—maintain compliance to multiple industry standards.

The system has many uses, including:

  • Segregating cabinets of various security levels
  • Separating the telecom/meet-me area from the data center floor
  • Main distribution areas as well as storage areas can be protected and layered into their own zone via security panels

Features of the system include:

  • Modular post and panel assembly
  • Concealed post hardware
  • Intelligent access control
  • Floor to ceiling assembly
  • Standard black color
  • Learn more about the Security Panel System
Seal Image

Wall Mount Security

Wall mounts placed in medium to high traffic areas or in unmanned locations can be susceptible to accidental and intentional harm. Intelligent access control can be added to Great Lakes wall mounts:

  • WMCM, WDX, and WLP wall mounts feature a standard swing handle
  • Upgrade to a combination or intelligent access control—no physical modifications to the wall mount are required!
  • Custom wall mount and handle options available for increased security

Featured Great Lakes Products

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