Legrand's RapidRun®: A/V cabling system to save time and money


Legrand's RapidRun: A/V cabling system built to save time and money

Legrand's RapidRun is the most complete audio/video cabling system—built to save installation time and reduce the likelihood of return service calls due to faulty terminations.

The ingenuity behind RapidRun is its ability to carry multiple signals over a single runner cable. Since you won’t have to buy and install multiple cables, RapidRun saves you time and money when installing the infrastructure to support your projector system, interactive whiteboard, digital signage system, or audio/video system.The simple, color-coded runners, wall plates, and flying leads require no tools, splicing, or soldering—making termination a breeze.

Just connect and secure the wall plate and flying lead to the runner and you are finished. This revolutionary system provides ease of use, flexibility, and superior signal transfer rates. No cabling solution on the market will do more to make your installations easier or more versatile!