Discover the Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Rack & Q-Series Vertical Managers


Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Rack

The Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Cable Management System embodies the building network physical infrastructure. No matter the size of the network, Mighty Mo 6E has the capacity and the functionality seldom seen in a value brand of products.

The Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Rack provides seamless cable transition to the network featuring new waterfall drop-offs that allow for safe cable routing not only into adjacent vertical managers, but also directly down into the center of the rack itself. Cable bundles are easy to secure using the slots in the waterfalls as well as the all new “cable hive” sidewalls. The hives provide for multiple locations to secure cable bundles along the entire height of the rack. In addition, new built-in bonding features and the upper double ground lugs, simplify grounding and bonding during installation. This is a product with the lineage of the Mighty Mo family and the value perfectly suited for the ultimate in building network physical infrastructure.


  • Cost effective
  • Perfect for building network applications when combined
    with the Q-Series Vertical Manager
    • Simple assembly, aided by the following:
    • Speed Nuts
    • Vertical Manager Hanging Brackets
    • Quarter turn accessories
    • Snap fit 3-piece waterfall
  • Bonding per UL2416 with no hardware required
  • Increased cable tie-down points
  • Improved load rating capacity for increased network capabilities 


Main Features

  • 3-piece waterfall
    • Lightweight and easy to assemble
    • Allows cable drops to center of the r
  • Cable hive sidewalls
    • Creates increased cable bundle loc
    • Provides air pathway for side exhaust
  • Bonding and grounding
    • Unique bonding tabs per UL2416
    • Double ground lug location
  • UL load rated to 1,500 lbs static load
  • Large Capacity Managers
    • Q-Series Vertical Manager up to 12" wide
    • MM6 Vertical Manager up to 12" wide
  • Printed RU increments, front and rear
  • Speed nut assembly aid
  • Vertical manager hanger brackets

Q-Series Vertical Cable Managers

The best network infrastructure is not a sum of its parts but rather a complete solution conceived, designed, and executed to provide the very best in value and performance. Cable management and the ability for it to deliver signals from point to point in a building network are paramount in this theory of a complete solution. Born out of the many successes of the Mighty Mo® family-line, the Legrand Q-Series cable manager is a product designed for versatility, but built for value.

The Q-Series manager becomes a key element in Legrand's physical infrastructure portfolio for building networks by easily separating cables between RU increments in open frame racks, and providing many optional locations to route and secure cables. Networks are always changing and expanding,
the Q-Series can accommodate adds and drops in a well organized way, that will ensure optimum performance and guarantee the integrity of the signal being delivered. The use of common assembly parts, and plastic fingers and doors, makes the Q-Series the value offering among all Legrand vertical managers. 


  • Rugged wire cages, which double as cable tie locations
  • Bend limiting/cable retention clips allow network installers to separate copper and fiber within the same vertical manager 
  • Available in 4 widths to maximize efficiency and save on valued floor space
  • Easily install to any standard EIA 2 and 4-Post rack as well as the all new Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Racks 
  • Completely tool-less to assemble and installs in minutes 
  • Designed with the environment in mind, the packaging is half the size of standard manager packaging, which minimizes waste material

Main Features

  • Snap fit tool-less assembly
  • Lightweight plastic 
  • Rugged yet flexible fingers for individual RU cable management 
  • Single and double-sided versions 
  • 4", 6" , 10" and 12" widths 
  • 6', 7', and 8' heights
  • Cable management rear wire cage frame
  • Optional rear mount cable rings
  • Optional bend limiting/cable retention clips for RU fingers
  • Mounts to standard EIA 2 and 4-post racks
  • Mounts to Mighty Mo® 6 Enhanced Rack 

Mighty Mo 6 Enhanced Rack and Q-Series Vertical Manager Facts and Features

  • 1500 Lb load rating on all versions per UL2416 static
  • Snap fit 3-piece waterfall on rack
  • Cable Hive sidewalls increase cable bundle capabilities and provide air pathways for side exhaust equipment
  • Lightweight racks and managers, easy to store
  • Instant bonding of all rack parts with integrated bonding spikes

  • Easy snap fit tool-less assembly of the managers
  • Easily mount Q-Series vertical manager with hanging brackets
  • Large capacity managers 
  • Cables can be secured to the rear of the manager as well as inside the manager
  • Optional bend limiting/cable retention clip provides separation of copper and fiber within the same manager