Mersen is a global expert in electrical power and advanced materials for high-tech industries, with over 135 years of experience, and more than 50 industrial sites and 16 R&D centers in 35 countries. Mersen Electrical Power provides a broad portfolio of products in electrical protection and control and offers solutions for power management applications. Mersen Electrical Power teams work with customers worldwide to design and to deliver customized solutions and key products into various key markets such as commercial, industrial, renewable energies, power electronics, and E-mobility. Mersen’s mission is to make customers applications safer and more reliable.

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Arc Flash Mitigation Using Mersen's Amp-Trap 2000® Fuses

Indirect Lightning Strikes and Mersen Surge-Trap® SPDs

Mersen Minute: Amp-Trap 2000®

Mersen Minute: Compact Fused Switch

Mersen Minute: Compact PDBs

Mersen Minute: HP10M and HP15M Dual Fuses

Mersen Minute: Non-Indicating Class J

Mersen Minute: Non-Indicating E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuses

Mersen Minute: RK-1 Reducer Fuses

Mersen Minute: Surge-Trap® STMT Series

Mersen Product Recognition Tool

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Mersen Minute: Enhanced Cross Reference Tool

Mersen Minute: Fuse ControlTM Program

Mersen Minute: Knowthe

Mersen Minute: NEC Code Changes in 2020

Mersen Minute: Product Recognition App

Mersen Minute: What Dwellings are Affected by 2020 NEC Code Changes?

Surge Protective Devices: Codes and Requirements (2017 NEC)

Surge Protective Devices: NEC Code 2020

Mersen Minute: Mersen Website Markets and Applications

We are a global customer offering our customers the best solutions thanks to our expertise and in-depth knowledge of their applications.

Featured Mersen Products

Featured Mersen Products

Mersen ATDR Class CC Time-Delay Fuse image
Mersen ATQR Class CC Time-Delay Fuse image
Mersen ATMR Class CC Fast-Acting Fuse image
Mersen AJT Class J Time-Delay Fuse image
Mersen A6D-R Class RK1 Time-Delay Fuse image