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NVT Phybridge  is a global leader in Power over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE) solutions, leveraging Modern LAN principles to make IP connections efficient and cost-effective. The award-winning CHARIoT Series of switches and extender solutions help customers modernize to an IP-based network by transforming existing or new infrastructure into an IP path with power. NVT Phybridge is a North American-based technology company with global reach dedicated to practical innovation. The company has been producing innovative and affordable Power over Ethernet solutions for over 24 years, and now supports millions of IoT endpoints around the world.

The CHARIoT Series helps end users achieve a simple, secure, and cost-effective digital transformation to IP and the Internet of Things. Customers are modernizing their businesses with confidence and experiencing incredible results:

  • Accelerate return on investment with reduced infrastructure costs and deployment times
  • Collapse planning and deployment times
  • Eliminate infrastructure barriers, risk, disruption, and high network costs
  • Create a robust IP platform that is easy to configure, deploy, and manage

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FLEX Family Image

FLEX Family - PoE++ (50W) Over Multi-Pair UTP with up to 2,000ft (610m) Reach

  • FLEX24: 24-Port Managed Long Reach PoE Switch
  • FLEX8: 8-Port Unmanaged Long Reach PoE Switch
  • FLEX Base: Single-Port Long Reach PoE Extender Solution

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CLEER Family Image

CLEER Family - PoE+ (30W) Over Coax with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) Reach

  • CLEER24: 24-Port Managed Long Reach EoC Switch
  • EC10: 10-Port Unmanaged Long Reach EoC Switch
  • EC Base: Single-Port Long Reach EoC Extender Solution

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PoLRE Family Image

PoLRE® Family - PoE (15W) Over Single-Pair UTP with up to 1,200ft (365m) Reach

  • PoLRE24: 24-Port Managed Long Reach PoE Switch
  • PoLRE48: 48-Port Managed Long Reach PoE Switch
  • PoLRE LPC: 8-Port Unmanaged Long Reach PoE Switch

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