Prism transforms your cameras into powerful business tools. Prism's cloud intelligence platform uses computer vision, AI and machine learning to unlock insights from video. Leading companies in 80 countries around the world use Prism to manage, improve and grow their business. 



The Prism Vision application transforms ordinary video into meaningful summaries that can be quickly understood, shared and acted upon. Using AI, Vision surfaces video’s untapped value by helping users to quickly understand all that’s happening within their business.

  • Quickly identify the events that matter
    Visual search with object tags and motion-based search
  • Informative and digestible visual summaries
    Tapestries and Flipbooks offer digestible visual summaries; pull HD video on-demand
  • Unlimited storage of your data
    Keep tapestries and visual summaries forever; store up to 10TB of HD video in the cloud
  • Personalize your video how you want it
    Create and save custom views of your visual data
  • Share your data with those who need it
    Share and collaborate with unlimited users



The Prism Insight application combines the world’s most useful video analytics with business intelligence to create a comprehensive view of activity within an organization. By integrating relevant data streams with video, Insight delivers context to identify opportunities and minimize risk.

  • Search to find the information you need
    Powerful dashboards that tap your camera networks and third-party data
  • Decisions through data
    Performance metrics and visualizations of video data (i.e. Heatmaps, Pathmaps)
  • Emerging trends and hidden patterns
    Easy analysis across present and historical data
  • View your data how you want it
    Customizable dashboard views of data, widgets and cameras
  • Designed for collaboration
    Sharing across unlimited users

Pilot Packages


Prism's entry-level pilot packages allow resellers and integrators to easily experience and demo Prism's cloud-based platform. Through a turnkey mix of hardware and software, these packages are a great way to get started with Prism's AI-powered technology, and show customers how they can use Prism for their business.

Prism Professional

Prism Professional image

Prism Professional provides multiple options for small- to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of verticals who want to leverage the latest in AI-powered video technology at a cost-effective price point. Connect up to 250 licenses to Prism Connect cameras and allow many users to unlock insights from video using object tagging and rich analytics.

Prism Enterprise

Prism Enterprise image

Prism Enterprise provides the best of all that Prism has to offer. From custom AI to advanced tagging, unlimited users, and more, this solution allows large-scale enterprises to revolutionize video and unlock insights across their entire organization.

Prism Connect

Prism Connect image

Prism's family of sensors come pre-loaded with Prism's software, providing a plug & play opportunity for anyone to access AI and machine learning on cutting-edge devices.

Prism Skylabs was founded in June 2011 by an experienced team from Apple, Google, NASA and Microsoft. Since then, Prism has proven out our technology in some of the largest retailers across the world - currently deployed in 300 customers and in over 80 countries -- and is now taking that innovation to the next level.

Using computer vision, AI and machine learning, Prism's cloud intelligence platform transforms your cameras into powerful business tools, allowing all verticals to unlock insights from video like never before.

Prism's open platform connects an unlimited ecosystem of hardware with AI and machine learning in the cloud, delivering data to users through intuitive mobile applications and APIs. The Vision mobile app transforms ordinary video into meaningful summaries that can be quickly understood, shared and acted upon - which comes with the most advanced visual search and tagging capabilities powered by machine learning.

Featured Products

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