Powered by WORP®

In the heart of every Tsunami® lies Proxim's proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol - WORP®, a reliable, secure and efficient protocol that optimizes the performance of multi-play outdoor wireless Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point links.

Proxim ClearConnect™

Proxim ClearConnect™ helps ensure Tsunami® radios perform even in the most RF hostile conditions where other standard wireless technologies simply fail to perform. It offers a host of adaptive features including Dynamic Channel Selection, Satellite Density, Beam Steering and many more to ensure high spectrum efficiency with minimal error rates.


Tsunami® with the help of Proxim’s roaming technology - Proxim FastConnect™, is able to establish unparalleled handoff times and support delay-sensitive multimedia applications even when mobile at speeds of up to 285 km/h (196 mph).

Control and Manage ... Effortlessly

Comprised of a wide variety of powerful tools, ProximVision® Advanced unifies management of the entire Proxim infrastructure, within a few clicks. From monitoring network performance to remote device configuration and management PV Advanced provides total control.

Ultra Secure

The Tsunam product range provides secure remote management via SSL/TLS, SSH and SNMPv3, it also leverages MAC, MAC access control and 802.1X authentication for granular network security and implements AES encryption technology to secure communications.

Engineered for Extremes

Tsunami® enclosures are approved after stringent screening involving Vehicular movement Transport Vibration (ISTA-2A), Drop, Shock, Salt Spray, Thermal, and Reliability tests. Additionally, the enclosure is IP 67 Grade that ensures complete protection from any kind of dust and has been tested under water at 1 meter depth.

Unmatched Reliability

Every Tsunami® is engineered using high grade components, to offer an unparalleled reliability of >250,000 hours MTBF. Put in other words, 30 years of worry free system availability.



MP-10100 Series

  • Very High Throughput
  • For Critical and Demanding Applications
  • 866 Mbps | 5.1 – 5.9 GHz 
    Up to 28 dBm (dual chain)

XP-10100 Series

  • Very High Throughput
  • For Combined Backhaul and Access Applications
  • PtMP: 866 Mbps | 5.1 – 5.9 GHz | Up to 29 dBm
    Access: 300 Mbps | 2.4 GHz | Up to 26 dBm

MP-10100L Series

  • High Throughput
  • For Medium to High Bandwidth Applications
  • 400 Mbps | 5.1 – 5.9 GHz
    Up to 28 dBm (dual chain)

8000 Series

  • High Performance
  • For Critical and Demanding Applications
  • 240 Mbps | 4.9 - 5.9 GHz
    Up to 25.8 dBm (Triple chain)

800 Series

  • Compact and Robust
  • Full Featured Cost Effective Platform for Medium Bandwidth Applications
  • 10 to 100 Mbps | 4.9 - 6.4 GHz
    Up to 26 dBm (Dual chain)