Wireless Solutions for Mobility Applications

Today, the need to stay connected is more entrenched in our daily lifestyle than ever before. The acceptance and use of Wi-Fi technology as a core component of this connectivity continues to grow exponentially in both the business and consumer segments. A growing population has not only come to expect wireless connectivity in their office and home but are also expect high availability, reliability and speed from their Internet connections even when travelling in trams, buses, ferries etc.

Mobile network operators (MNO) provide 4G/5G service to users to access internet, however when hundreds of users in a moving vehicle such as bus or tram, are using these services quality of service can drastically deteriorate.

MNOs, transit and highway authorities deploy wireless systems to provide WiFi service. These systems use subscriber units mounted on vehicles that link up to base stations. But all systems are not made equal. To be successful, engineering teams must have the right wireless infrastructure and deployment expertise.

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What's in the Kit?

  • Proxim Wireless FastConnect™ Explained - Video
  • FastConnect™ Overview – A paper describing Proxim’s advanced mobility protocol
  • Design Guide: High Speed Wireless Mobility
  • Tsunami Mobility Applications
  • Real World Examples and Applications of Wireless Mobility
  • Mobility Webinar Recordings
  • The Proxim Story - Video
  • Proxim Wireless Corporate Brochure
  • Glossary of Wireless Terms