Siemens Dry Type Distribution Transformers

600 Volts Class — Single and Three Phase

Siemens Dry Type Distribution Transformers are rated 600 Volt class and are available in a wide variety of ratings to provide versatile electrical distribution for general purpose, lighting and power loads in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Ratings are available from 0.25 through 167 kVA single phase, and 3 through 1000 kVA 3-phase.
  • A variety of primary and secondary voltage ratings are available to match the load requirements to the distribution system.
  • All units meet applicable ANSI and NEMA standards. Standard designs are UL Listed.
  • Transformers are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with ANSI, NEMA and IEEE Standards and are UL Listed.
  • All units are fungus resistant. Fungus proof is not an option.


  • The self-cooled kVA rating shall be suitable for 30°C average, 40°C maximum ambient temperature.
  • Ratings from 0.25 kVA through 25 kVA,1-phase, and from 3 kVA through 15 kVA 3-phase are available.
  • Feature indoor/outdoor enclosures with integral wall mounting brackets, and either a 135°C rise, 180°C insulation system or a 95°C rise, 130°C insulation system.


  • UL listed designs (UL 506) n Totally enclosed, non-ventilated, heavy gauge steel enclosure
  • Core and coil completely embedded within a resin compound for quiet, low temperature operation
  • Encapsulation seals out moisture and air
  • UL listed indoor/outdoor enclosure features integral wall mounting brackets
  • Rugged design resists weather, dust, and corrosion
  • Efficient, compact, lightweight, easy to install n Flexible wiring leads that terminate within the bottom wiring compartment
  • Large wiring compartment on the bottom with convenient knockouts
  • High quality non-aging electrical grade core steel
  • Precision wound coils
Siemens Ventilated Transformer image


  • Ratings from 15 kVA through 167 kVA 1- phase, and from 15 kVA through 1000 kVA 3-phase are available.
  • Indoor NEMA 1/3R enclosures with 150°C rise and 220°C insulation systems are standard. Many options are available.
  • Most three phase designs (15 kVA through 75kVA) and single phase designs (15 kVA through 50kVA) include primary and secondary terminal lugs. Call Siemens customer support for confirmation if needed.
  • 1-phase up to 167 kVA and 3-phase up to 750kVA are Seismic certified for floor mounting. Call Siemens customer support for larger kVA certification or wall mounting applications.


  • UL listed designs (UL 1561)
  • Designed for indoor NEMA 2 installations. NEMA 3R enclosures suitable for outdoor locations available as an option
  • Core and coils are designed with UL listed high-temperature materials rated for 220°C; standard units feature 150°C winding temperature rise
  • Optional low-temperature rise of 115° C or 80° C winding temperature rise for increased efficiency and additional overload capability
  • Rugged sheet steel enclosure per UL1561, UL506 standards with removable panels for access to the internal wiring area
  • Neoprene noise dampening pads isolate the core and coil from the enclosure
  • Optional drip shields/weathershield and wall brackets available
  • High-quality grain-oriented, non-aging silicon steel core for 3 Phase units
Siemens Encapsulated Transformer image

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