Southwire manufactures half of the cable used in the transmission and distribution of electricity across America, and one out of every three homes contains their electrical wiring. More than half of the copper rod made around the world is produced with Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR®) technology – the highest quality, lowest cost product available. With integrated R&D, production, sales, and logistics, Southwire’s complete approach allows them to be a single source for every wire and cable required to build or upgrade a substation.
Wire is the starting point. Every challenge. Every day. The people of Southwire bring the innovation, expertise, and responsiveness you need for a successful substation project.



Southwire is the trusted, single-source supplier for all of your substation needs. Southwire supports its substation product line with an unmatched level of service and expertise. The simplified ordering process helps reduce your freight and inventory costs. The wire and cable products can be cut-to-length to help eliminate waste. Stocking and kitting services ensure you get exactly the materials you need.



A world leader in both overhead and underground electric power transmission products, Southwire is constantly pioneering ways to bring efficient and sustainable solutions to customers. Groundbreaking products like C7® Overhead Conductor, VR2™ , HTS Triax® Superconducting Cable, HV Solutions, and HS285 are continuously redefining the industry.



Utilities know that reliability of power is absolutely critical. Southwire meets that challenge with a wide range of innovative distribution wire and cable solutions like SureSeal®, PowerGlide®,  HTS Triax® , and the Proof Positive® family of products to ensure the power stays on when – and where – it’s needed the most.

Featured Products

Southwire AAC Series Wire
Southwire Triplex 600V Secondary UD Cable
Southwire ACSR Series Wire