SpecSeal Ready Firestop Grommet

Specified Technologies

For a single cable or small multi-cable bundles penetrating through one- and two-hour fire-rated gypsum board walls, eliminating sleeves, sealant and putty. Single or small multi-cable penetrations can be time consuming, expensive and messy. Ready Firestop Grommets make membrane and through-penetrations through rated gypsum board walls a snap. Just drill a hole, run your cable(s), snap the grommet around the cable(s) and press it into the wall. Use a single grommet for single-sided (membrane) penetrations or drill a hole through both sides of the wall and install grommets back-to-back for through-penetrations.

The Ready Firestop Grommet is available in two sizes. RFG1 for a cable or bundle of cables up to 0.27 in (7 mm) O.D or RFG2 for up to 0.53 in (14 mm) O.D. The grommet is molded from a premium grade plenum-rated polymer. A soft foam inner core conforms to the cable(s) to form a tight seal. The cable(s) is smoke-sealed and firestopped in just minutes with no sleeve and no sealant or putty required!


  • Quick to install - two-piece grommet snaps together for an easy installation
  • Economical - eliminates sleeves and the need for putty or sealant
  • Split design - can be used with previously installed cables
  • Made with Ultem premium, plenum-grade material - exceptional flame and heat resistance
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