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Superior Essex Communications is a manufacturer and sustainable supplier of communications cable at the forefront of innovation. Throughout our 90-year history, we have honed future-forward optical fiber, copper and hybrid solutions to meet any Premises, Outside Plant (OSP) and Wireless cabling needs. Our cables enhance Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications, Sustainable Intelligent Buildings and the 5G infrastructure.

As the industry’s first certified Zero Waste to Landfill cable manufacturer and the first to offer Environmental and Health Product Declarations (EPDs and HPDs) that contribute points to LEED certification, we empower sustainability-focused projects Our complete portfolio of more than 5,000 high-performance cabling products interconnect enterprises, campuses and communities worldwide. We’re not only working to make our manufacturing and operations processes sustainable, we are on a mission to enable everyone in the communications industry to create a sustainable future.

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The Real Impact of High-Power PoE on Your IP Network 

Do you know what impact high-power PoE will have on your network?
The networks of the past were not designed for the PoE of the future. Lighting systems using PoE technology are growing in popularity, bringing efficiency to smart buildings. With IoT, more systems and devices will use PoE, resulting in cabling being exposed to higher temperatures for long periods of time. Learn what potential risks exist and what can be done to eliminate them.

Wednesday, September 26
2:00pm –3:00pm EST

The Real Impact of High-Power  PoE on Your IP Network

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Superior Essex Communications Commits to Science Based Targets Initiative to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 2030
The SBTi is a global body enabling businesses to set ambitious emissions reduction targets in line with the latest climate science.


Superior Essex Communications Achieves Certification Milestone of 8 Years Zero Waste to Landfill
GreenCircle Certified rigorously evaluated the company’s operations at its premises and OSP copper manufacturing facility and again found its waste diversion and reduction met the standards for 2021, as the facility has done since 2014.


Superior Essex Communications Announces “MissionNext” Comprehensive Vision for Future
This program will revolutionize the company’s practices to focus on its current and future employees, as well as furthering its commitment to a sustainable future.


Superior Essex Communications Signs Mindful Materials Manufacturer Commitment
This is a commitment to diminish the collective impact of the green building industry on the planet and its people.


Superior Essex Communications Receives GreenCircle Life Cycle Assessment Optimized Certification As Proof of Embodied Carbon Reduction
This third-party verification proves that 26 families of cables have reduced the company’s carbon impacts.

The First and Only Sustainable Cabling Solutions

Superior Essex is firmly committed to sustainable practices and constantly strives to lead innovation and design toward more sustainable product solutions. It is the first and only cable manufacturer to contribute toward LEED certification by publishing third- party verified Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations™, which provide full disclosure on the environmental impact and health risks associated with high performance data cabling.

Learn more about Superior Essex Sustainability Initiatives here

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Legrand and Superior Essex, leaders in communications technology, have channeled their expertise into nCompass Systems, a suite of high-performance copper and optical fiber structured cabling. Learn more.


Our PowerWise products are first-class PoE cables, delivering data and power to low-voltage devices. Superior Essex has a line of PoE cables for both broadband and enterprise networks, allowing you to optimize, customize and connect your environment in order to meet the unique demands of your enterprise. With PoE technologies from Superior Essex, you’ll be able to empower your sustainable intelligent building into the future.

Premises Copper

Superior Essex is pushing the capabilities of premises copper technologies with our 10Gain XP+ Category 6A cables. Not only can they deliver incredible data transmission and power, but they come with guaranteed performance. The unique proprietary wrap gives the cable industry-leading +15 dB alien crosstalk headroom and an internal separator reduces internal crosstalk, so the signal that reaches the device remains strong.

Premises Fiber

Fiber optic cable is a versatile tool for data centers and Superior Essex produces a variety of cable types for any premises need. We offer single mode fiber cables, multi-mode fiber cables and patch cords in loose tube, indoor/outdoor, and aramid yarn designs. Most of our cables can be manufactured to meet the number of fibers the job needs or may need in the future.

Superior Essex lives up to its firm commitment of industry-leading environmental stewardship and product transparency by sustainably manufacturing innovative, high-performing, sustainable communications cables. We produce the most sustainable communications cable products available in the marketplace – remaining sustainable both in product and process by remaining mindful of our raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, installation and end of life practices – because we firmly believe that the technology that interconnects the world should also respect it.

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