Superior Essex PowerWise


Our environments are smarter, more adaptive and more unified than ever before, and require cabling that is just as efficient and versatile. To meet these demands, Superior Essex developed PowerWise, the leading-edge Power-over-Ethernet cable suit designed to help you optimize, customize, and unify your enterprise space.

What Is Power-over-Ethernet?

Power-over-Ethernet is the cabling technology that defines the digital era. By transmitting power and data over a single Ethernet cable, PoE gives you the power to optimize, customize and connect your environment in order to meet the unique demands of your enterprise.


Why Is Power-over-Ethernet in Demand?

Power-over-Ethernet gives you what you need to get what you want: a converged power and data network that allows you to create an efficient, dynamic environment that's customizable and easy to manage.

  • Optimization
    Make your space the way you like it. By combining building systems onto a single network, you have control of how your building systems operate and how space looks and feels, so that you can create a more productive, pleasing environment for you and your tenants.
  • Efficiency
    Save time. Save money. Save resources. With up to 97% energy efficiency, you save money by reducing power loss and overall energy consumption. Because all your power and data is transmitted over a single cable, you no longer need those extra power cables or the integrators to install them, making your installations faster and less costly.
  • Convergence
    Power-over-Ethernet brings all of your devices and systems together on a single network, boosting operational efficiency, security and interoperability of your networked devices, and making it simpler and easier to manage your space.


From enterprises and educational facilities to hotels and hospitals, the benefits of PoE span a variety of industries and applications.


Digital Ceiling Framework

The Digital Ceiling Framework combines building systems such as light, air, and security onto a single IP network, boosting efficiency, safety and productivity, and improving occupant experience. As a member of the Digital Ceiling Partner Community, Superior Essex seeks to enhance network capabilities, performance and management in the Digital Ceiling. The Digital Ceiling Partner Community unites hardware and software vendors to deliver integrated Digital Ceiling solutions.