The ION Platform


The ION Platform integrates copper and different types of fiber to extend networks, optimizes existing infrastructure, and provides simple navigation of connected network interfaces for secure network management. Designed for enterprise data centers and core network applications, the ION Platform incorporates the industry’s most comprehensive offering of full-featured products, making it the best choice for IT managers or service providers seeking enterprise-class or carrier-class solutions to integrate, optimize, and navigate their networks.

The ideal system for network extension and secure management within a building or campus, the ION Platform allows network managers to:

  • Integrate fiber and overcome distance limitations of UTP cable.
  • Optimize install multimode fiber within buildings.
  • Capitalize on distance advantages of single mode fiber between buildings.
  • Optimize installed fiber infrastructure with bi-directional single strand fiber.
  • Integrate variable data rates on one fiber cable.
  • Navigate system interfaces for secure network management throughout the system.
  • Save money by getting the most out of existing equipment and infrastructure and making cost-effective additions as needed.

By integrating copper and fiber equipment and infrastructure, the ION Platform equips networks for the bandwidth, distance, and security demands of today, tomorrow, and every point in-between.