The Practical Data Center Case Study & Test Guide of VIAVI

Data centres have become the epicenters of the digital world, and thus continue to grow in speed, complexity and importance. Third-party, multi-tenant data center operators (DCO) in particular have an obligation to their customers to provide continuous access to their data via network connections. The obligation requires testing and reporting to manage SLAs and to simply instill confidence in customers and prospective customers.

In that multi-tenant data center, there are thousands of potential points of attachment for test instrument. In this exhaustive Data Center Case Study and Test Guide of VIAVI you can find a short list of the key test use cases for data center operators and the VIAVI solution for each of them:

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  • Data Center to Data Center Interconnect
  • Customer to Data Center Connection
  • Testing & Troubleshooting Physical Cabling Infrastructure
  • Active Optical Cable/Direct Attach Copper Test
  • Optics Self-Test
  • Intra Data Center Bit Error Rate Testing
  • Fiber Monitoring