New PowerChek Optical Power Meter from JDSU


The JDSU PowerChek Optical Power Meter OP-1 is an innovative optical power meter that enables technicians to test and document measurements with unprecedented ease. 

PowerChek directly measures a bulkhead port’s optical power without the need for a test lead. Instead, interchangeable connectors directly engage the bulkhead port without risking cross contamination or damaging the fibre end face under test ensuring a safe, easy and reliable test. This compact, flexible unit is Bluetooth-enabled and pairs with all compatible devices to let technicians quickly generate reports and share or synchronise their results via tablets, smartphones or laptops.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate the test lead when measuring optical power. 
    PowerChek connects directly with the bulkhead being tested by utilising PowerChek connectors that attach directly to the device.
  • Always ensure a safe test. 
    By contacting the ferrule, instead of the fibre, the PowerChek will not damage the link under test.
  • Easily access your connections in any location.
    Adjustable arm optimises access to connector ports in densely populated and difficult to reach locations.
  • Pair with your mobile device over Bluetooth.
    Use with FiberChekMOBILE app to measure & store readings in real-time, generate reports, and share results via email, etc.

Ordering Information

PowerChek can be ordered as a complete kit using Anixter Code 613669. The kit includes:

PowerChek Optical Power Meter OP-1
  • OP-1 PowerChek optical power meter
  • Li-ion battery (internal)
  • 1 x integrated mini USB port,
  • 1 x OPT-SC PowerChek connector SC

  • 1 x OPT-LC PowerChek connector LC
  • 1 x OPT-SC-APC PowerChek Connector SC-APC
  • USB Cable: USB2.0 male to micro USB male (1m)
  • 1 X FBPP-TACS5 PowerChek connector case

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