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HONEYWELL | BX24C4L | Hazardous Location Switch: Non Plug-In Housing, Top Pin Plunger (Momentary), 2NC 2NO SPDT Snap Action, 20mm Conduit, And 316L Stainless Steel Housing

  • Manufacturer # BX24C4L
  • Anixter #BX24C4L
Rating: IP67

MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Location BX2 Series: Non plug-in housing, top pin plunger (momentary), 2NC 2NO SPDT snap action, 20 mm conduit, and 316L stainless steel housing. Honeywell explosion proof switches are designed specifically for use in hazardous a rea applications. The MICRO SWITCH(TM) BX2 Series features a 316L stainless steel enclosure that provides enhanced corrosion resistance in applications exposted to aggressive, caustic agents. The stainless steel housing helps protect the switch mechani sm from corrosion often present in chemical processing plants, off-shore/near-shore sites, and other hazardous areas. The MICRO SWITCH BX2 is ideal for outdoor use or in adverse environments where a combination of explosion proof plus sealing requireme nts are needed. To comply with explosion proof requirements the BX2 has flame paths within the housing, which cool exploding gases below the ignition temperature before they reach explosive gases surrounding the housing. Flame paths on the BX2 are (1) an extended plunger between the switch cavity and head and (2) the cover-housing threads on the front of the switch.

  • 316L Stainless steel housing for protection in highly corrosive and/or caustic environments
  • Diverse conduit selection for wide range of applications
  • Compatible with LSX
  • Variety of heads and non-sparking actuators
  • 10 A continuous carry electrical rati
  • Choice of silver or gold contacts
  • Internal grounding screw
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