Anixter Helps Multinational Bank to Build New Data Center



Multinational bank


New data center construction


Anixter's Technical Solutions Group℠ and Infrastructure Solutions Lab℠


  • Confirmed products were able to be delivered across borders without being delayed in customs
  • Recommended technical specifications to confirm the right products were making their way to the data center
  • Provided in-country support in local languages, which helped to facilitate on-site project coordination among all stakeholders

Customer Challenge

A Belgian bank that caters to retail, small and midsized customers wanted to build new data centers in Hungary to support its Central and Eastern European business. With an expansion plan for the region, the bank needed the capacity and flexibility to grow its operations and services for customers.

The expansion project called for two data centers, with one being a mirror of the primary facility. The technology, pricing and product decisions were made from Belgium while the actual deployment was coordinated in Hungary.

As a multinational organization, the bank needed a partner that could work in both countries and manage the local requirements of each region. The two-phase deployment was coordinated out of the Belgian headquarters, which required a partner familiar with the local language as well as ready access to products for the build-out requirements. The bank turned to Anixter because of its global footprint, technical knowledge and international deployment capabilities to help deploy the project. 

Anixter Solution

Anixter worked with the bank and the integrator hired for the project to develop a technical solution that met the bank’s technical requirements. In order to help the bank and integrator better understand the various infrastructure technologies available for a data center, Anixter used its Technical Services Group and its Infrastructure Solutions Lab to demonstrate the various solutions.

Because of the concern to meet the deadlines, the bank wanted a minimum Class EA solution that could be easily installed, which meant using a preassembled solution. However, the bank had questions regarding shielded or unshielded cable, various types of connectors and what type of optical fiber to use, and whether to use a top of rack or top of row configuration.

Anixter invited the integrator on the project to visit its Infrastructure Solutions Lab located at its global headquarters in Glenview, Illinois. At The Lab, Anixter presented and educated the integrator on the different performance and lifecycle properties of the various products and technologies. Based upon different scenarios, Anixter was able to demonstrate which technologies would serve the long-range goals of the bank. 

As the integrator worked with Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions Lab, the bank worked with Anixter’s Technical Services Group to check the tender specifications for the project. Anixter’s Technical Services Group is a collection of experts around the world that are leaders in their industries and markets. Knowledgeable about the latest specifications, standards and industry trends, the members of Anixter’s Technical Services Group provide customers with answers to the day-to-day challenges of specifying, procuring and delivering products for a wide range of projects, applications and industries. This helped to confirm that the right products were making their way to the project to meet the bank’s stated performance needs. Anixter worked with the bank to develop a technical standard that would provide flexibility and performance for the next five years. 

Project Results

The technical services provided by Anixter confirmed that the bank received a data center solution that met its performance and application needs. What also mattered to the company was Anixter’s ability to provide local support in the local language. With multiple international entities involved, Anixter provided value by being able to deliver materials from Belgium to Hungary without disruption. Anixter’s willingness to prestock inventory also made the difference in ensuring this project went off as planned. In addition, the partner relation between the integrator, manufacturer partners and Anixter confirmed that the project was able to be deployed by the bank’s deadline.