Providing Local Stock and Enhanced Services to Support a Multiyear Shipbuilding Program

Case Study


Building six arctic patrol vessels over six years as part of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS) program is a complex undertaking that has a big challenge.

The shipbuilder had several pain points with the cable it needed to address upfront: conducting the cuts, preterminating, finding alternative solutions and warehousing the product. With 136 miles of cable going on just one ship and the entire building process lasting two years, storing it requiredsome serious space and time. Anixter provisioned space in one of its local stocking facilities to store the cable for the duration of the project and deliver to the shipbuilder only when needed.


  • Shipbuilder


  • Supply enhanced product over six years to construct six arctic vessels


  • Local stocking and value-added services


  • One-stop shop for products, expertise and services
  • Local inventory delivered as needed for the life of the project
  • Set up internal facility processes to meet customer’s specific needs