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- Symbol for impedance.

Zero sequence impedance  - The electrical impedance of a three-phase power cable under fault (short-circuit) conditions. It is typically 2.5 to 3 times the positive sequence impedance.


Zero-signal reference - A connecting point, bus or conductor used as one side of a signal circuit. May or may not be designated as a ground. Sometimes referred to as circuit common.


Zetabon  - Dow’s trade name for an acrylic acid copolymer coated aluminum tape.


Zipper tubing  - Alpha’s trade name for harnessing/jacketing material containing a zipper-track type closure. The zipper arrangement allows installation with no need to disconnect installed wire. See LOC-TRAC.


Zoom lens  - A lens system that may be effectively used as a wide angle, standard or telephoto lens by varying the focal length of the lens.


Zoom ratio  - The ratio of the starting focal length (wide position) to the ending focal length (telephoto position) of a zoom lens. A lens with a 10x zoom ratio will magnify the image at the wide angle end by 10 times.


ZWPF (zero water peak fiber)  - A type of single-mode fiber for long-haul transmission systems that is designed to eliminate the water peak that causes the 1350-1450 nm wavelength range, within the fiber, to be unusable. ZWPF provides more usable wavelengths for DWDM and CWDM systems.


Zytel  - DuPont’s trademark for nylon resins.