Anixter Knowledge Drop Videos

Anixter's Technical Director for Security Solutions, Matt Powers, talks about ONVIF and it's role in today's security industry.

ONVIF Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Matt Powers, Anixter's Technical Director for Security Solutions. I want to talk to you for a minute about ONVIF. ONVIF is a global open industry forum for the development of an interface between IP connected security devices. ONVIF was founded in 2008 by Axis, Bosch and Sony.

Today, Anixter is currently the only nonmanufacturer that is a member of the ONVIF team. There are also over 400 other manufacturers that support the ONVIF standard and over 2,000 conforming products. 

So why is ONVIF important? ONVIF is important because of where technology is driving us. We’re now moving into an IP Connected Enterprise, and we have a multimanufacturer environment. In order to build solutions in a multimanufacturer environment, we need standards and ONVIF is that standard. ONVIF allows us to pull the network cameras, the video management solutions, and the server and storage solutions together as an interoperable solution rather than depending on specific manufacturer interfaces. ONVIF offers many benefits such as:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Forwards and backwards compatibility
  • Simplified installations
  • Ease of maintenance.

To learn more about ONVIF, talk to your Anixter representative. Thank you.