Using a Busway System in Your Data Center

Andy Jimenez

Andrew Jimenez, Vice President of Technology for Anixter, discusses the advantages of using a busway (or busbar) system in your data center instead of a traditional power distribution system.

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Transcript: Using a Busway System in Your Data Center

Hi, I’m Andy Jimenez, and I’m here to talk about using a busway system in your data center. Right now, you may be using a traditional power distribution system in your data center, with floor- or wall-mounted power distribution units, remote power panels, and under-floor power cables. Here are four ways this type of system could be costing you:

First, there’s the issue of floor space. PDUs and RPPs take up real estate in your data center that could be used for server cabinets or other IT equipment.

Airflow can be another concern. As server and power densities grow, so does the need for cooling. If your cables are routed through the floor, this obstructs airflow and reduces cooling efficiency.

A cabled system also lacks efficiency in other ways, such as:

  • excessive abandoned copper cabling
  • power outages caused by lack of visibility
  • and labor-intensive installation and changes.

Additionally a cabled system lacks the flexibility to easily add or reconfigure components. It requires a lot of upfront planning in order to last 10 to 15 years. Any changes involve downtime and expense.

So how can using a busway system address those challenges?

First, an overhead busway frees up floor space that was occupied by PDUs or RPPs. This creates room for future growth.

It eliminates miles of cables. And when replacing underfloor power whips, it opens up space to improve airflow and cooling.

It increases efficiency in a number of other ways. You no longer have abandoned cables going to waste. Outages caused by human error are reduced, because busways allow for more granular power monitoring, safe access, and visual control.

And because the busway’s hallmark is flexibility and scalability, you don’t have to overbuild upfront. Changes can be made quickly and easily, and busways can accommodate varying voltages and rack densities.

An overhead busway system can provide your data center with the efficiency and agility necessary to compete in today’s market.

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