Miller Security Group Partners with Anixter for Project Support Across the United States

Access Control

Founded in 1945 as a safe and lock company, Miller Security Group has grown into an elite integrator in the electronic security and life safety systems market. A key to their successful transformation has been their partnership with Anixter for pricing, quotes and logistical support on major projects across the United States.

Florida-based Miller Security Group has retained many of their customers from the 1940s, but they have evolved from a purely mechanical-based locksmith business into a full-fledged electronic security systems integrator, offering access control, surveillance, intrusion and fire/life safety solutions. They pride themselves as a one-phone call, one-stop shop.

“We have established our reputation as a business where customers can find solutions as soon as they come through our doors,” says Joshua Daniels, president of Miller Security Group. “We do sizable installations for clients on a national scale and have the diversity and experience to handle everything from an enterprise-level system down to residential installs.”

Miller Security Group’s expansion into electronic security in the early 2000s led to them establishing a close relationship with Anixter. They needed a distributor that could not only deliver the right level of product but could look up prices and quote million-dollar projects for them quickly, putting them in an ideal position to win new business.

“We have always had a great response time from Anixter when we’re in the quoting and bidding process,” said Daniels. “ The diversity within the Anixter organization allows Miller Security Group to offer higher quality solutions in a markedly prompt manner.”

To help their employees stay up to speed on the latest security technologies and trends, Miller Security Group also utilizes Anixter’s live educational events and technical resources “The training provided by Anixter is extremely helpful,” says Daniels. “We send all of our employees to them for cross-training, and as a result of the training, we’ve become an even more reliable one-stop shop for customers.”

With projects in Texas one week and Pennsylvania or Colorado the next, Miller Security Group counts on Anixter to make sure they have what they need, when they need it, ready to install at each site. Daniels recalls how the Anixter team helped to smoothly execute a huge project in Chicago with many moving parts.

“Anixter employees from the Chicago branch drove out to the site to help maintain it from a logistical standpoint when we were so far away,” says Daniels. “They stepped up and helped tremendously.”

With warehouses and storefronts in more than 165 North American cities, Anixter’s extensive footprint is a huge advantage when it comes to projects across state lines, but the key to Miller Security Group’s effective teamwork with Anixter is their solid relationship with their local Anixter account team.

“We have an excellent relationship with the Orlando branch of Anixter. Their branch manager can help with a ton of things with one phone call,” says Daniels. “ It’s extremely helpful to have resources readily available for our growing business. Whether I’m asking about locksmith solutions or about enterprise electronics, Anixter always has an answer for me when I need it the most.”