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Anixter has partnered with Corning to bring you solutions that address the five building blocks for data center technology interoperability. These solutions align with Anixter’s Infrastructure as a Platform model to provide a practical, configurable and integrated approach to deploying data center technology.


Network Migration
  • Corning EDGE SE Pigtailed Cassette Solution

    Corning’s EDGE Solutions provide a variety of cutting-edge technologies for data centers and storage area networks (SAN) with four unique families to meet your network’s unique requirements.

  • EDGE8 Solutions

    Corning’s EDGE8 solutions combine all of the density, simplicity, scalability and modularity of Corning’s EDGE solutions with the superior network scalability, improved link performance and 100 percent fiber utilization of a Base-8 design.

  • Corning LANscape® Pretium EDGE® Solutions by Corning

    Corning’s Pretium EDGE Solutions are a scalable structured cabling platform that will seamlessly migrate to the evolving network technologies of the data center.

  • Corning Pretium® EDGE Enabled Enhanced Management Frame

    Corning’s Pretium EDGE enabled Enhanced Management Frame (EMF) is designed for cross-connect applications in the main distribution area (MDA) of the data center.

  • Corning Pretium® EDGE Tap Module

    Corning’s Pretium EDGE Tap Module offers a variety of design options based on your network’s unique needs.

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