A simple solution for smaller networks and long-reach applications.


3 Easy Steps to Seamless Integration

The powerful partnership between Axis Communications, Corning, WESCO|Anixter brings together flexible and scalable solutions for maximum efficiency. From educational and healthcare facilities to commercial buildings and beyond, the Ready. Set. Connect. solution allows you to easily implement network solutions to meet your customers’ specific needs.

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READY the infrastructure

READY the infrastructure image
Corning Switch (SDDP)  and Power Supply Unit image
AXIS Camera Station S11  Network Video Recorders image


SET the network

SET the network image
Corning ActiFi Cable image
Corning Access Node image


CONNECT IP devices

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Axis Network Speakers and Audio Solutions image
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A self-provisioning, simple way to network in long-reach applications

  • Parking garage/lots
  • Commercial buildings
  • K-12/higher education
  • Retail stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Apartment/condo complex


Top 5 Solution Benefits

5 Solutions

1. Seamless integration to deploy powerful end-to-end solutions from trusted industry leaders.

2. Easy, out-of-the-box installation with pre-configured optical LAN.

3. Power and virtually unlimited bandwidth over 2,000 ft. delivered by composite cable.

4. Reduced bandwidth and storage needs via a flexible and scalable IP-based portfolio.

5. Time saving today and cost saving tomorrow with future-ready solutions.



Tools and Resources

Ready. Set. Connect. Overview

Overview: 3 easy steps to seamless integration. The powerful partnership of Axis Communications, Corning and WESCO | Anixter brings together flexible and scalable solutions for maximum efficiency.
Overview Datasheet

Commercial Building Datasheet

Commercial Building
From a small office building to a full-scale business complex, the Ready. Set. Connect. solution by Axis Communications, Corning and WESCO|Anixter is a perfect fit to help you meet all of your customers’ needs
Commercial Building Datasheet

Healthcare Datasheet

Ready. Set. Connect. solutions to network long-reach applications for healthcare facilities like hospitals, senior living communities, urgent care clinics and rehabilitation centers.
Healthcare Datasheet

Project Efficiency Datasheet image

Project Efficiency 
Ready. Set. Connect. Fast, Simple, Cost-Effective: Improve Your Long-reach Deployments. Tight project schedule? No remote connectivity? Maxed out pathways? Unplanned connectivity costs adding up?
Project Efficiency Datasheet


Partner Resources


AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite (tools to save integrators time during project phases from selling and design to management and maintenance):

Axis total cost of ownership resources:


Actifi Composite Cable - Reel in a Box Packaging


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