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Physical Security for the Industrial Market

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What is BBA?

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Bosch, Belden and Anixter formed the BBA Physical Security Alliance to provide world-class physical security solutions. Our technical experts have joined forces to perform testing, develop reference architectures, establish processes, identify best practices and create tools to deliver the right security systems to meet your budget and your needs. We’re the names you trust, now working together, just for you.

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Bosch makes surveillance cameras, storage systems and software and other high-end physical security products that are applied in industrial security applications and harsh environments.

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Belden manufacturers industrial-grade active and passive network products and provides design expertise to ensure reliable, highly available, high-quality video, voice, and data communications under the Belden, GarrettCom, Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation and Tofino Security names.

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Anixter offers cost reduction processes, proven risk mitigation strategies and industry-specific technical advice combined with global sourcing, procurement and logistics excellence.

The BBA Solution: Getting Security Just Right from Start-to-Finish

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Too many times, problems don’t get noticed until the actual project startup. By that time, remedies are difficult and costly to make. That’s why you need a start-to-finish solution.

Security and surveillance is what we do. Individually, each participating partner in the BBA Alliance has earned a reputation for world-class products and service. Now, we’ve pooled our know-how into the one source you need for your security applications.


World-Class Products – We provide the best features, ease-of-use and utility-grade quality in tested and validated systems.

Combined Expertise and Experience – We work together to create reference architectures, design specifications, system testing and advice to help your project succeed.

“Just right” Security –  We help make intelligent tradeoffs to balance cost and effectiveness, seeing and avoiding the roadblocks so you have a clear path to success


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Get started now. Share your project information, timelines and goals with us. Then, let's arrange to conduct a detailed risk and needs assessment to fully understand the scope and requirements of your project. Achieving just right security is easy.