Anixter REELY Wire Cart

Spend less time handling reels and more time manufacturing.

With skilled labor and floor space always in short supply on manufacturing sites, Anixter’s REELY wire cart can help optimize labor, space and safety. The REELY cart is a smartly designed alternative to the home-grown and inefficient wire payout systems seen on many manufacturing sites.

Challenge: Inefficient Wire Payout System

Challenge: Inefficient wire payout system image
  • Continual set up of reels for easy payout
  • Safely handling reels during changeovers
  • Changeovers that consume valuable production labor time
  • Labor drain from material movement
  • Tangles caused by wire memory
  • Valuable floor space occupied by reels

The Anixter Solution: REELY Wire Cart

Anixter REELY Wire Cart image

Features and Benefits

  • Quick reel changeovers—just place reels in the cradle and lock
  • Easy to load with no more bars through arbor holes to fuss with
  • Wire cradle/rollers ensure light tension and smooth payout
  • Ideal feeder for wire processing station or machines
  • Holds 20 reels (6.5”–12”)
    • QTY 8: 6.5” X  3” or 6.5” X 5” or 6.5” X 7”
    • QTY 12: 10.5” X 7.625” or 12” X 7.25”
  • 360˚ locking swivel brake to secure in place
  • 46” X 40” X 57” high (feeder/mouth adds another 24-36” based on adjustments)
  • Top shelf and side bin bars for tools and consumables
  • Easy to move with four spinning polyurethane casters
  • Wire counter option