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Arranger is an AV software server application designed to configure and manage AVoIP endpoints and AV systems with easy-to-build user interfaces that do not require any programming skills. End users and system integrators need intuitive, yet robust software tools to help build and manage AV-over-IP systems easily. Arranger solves that problem by providing an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that is feature-rich and doesn’t need any coding.

Custom AV control can be costly for users to build and manage. With Arranger you can create touchless and touchscreen user interfaces at a fraction of the cost. No programming languages are required, making it easy to deploy and maintain AVoIP systems over time. One of Arranger's most unique features is its ability to generate QR codes that allow you to control AV on a LAN, enabling you to activate system presets automatically or access a user interface to control the environment in a room.

You can also monitor system activity and collect metrics. Arranger can generate rich sets of actionable data that allow users and organizations to better manage their AV for continuous service improvement and strong ROI for all stakeholders. A new tool to manage costs and maximize facilities.

Just as important as the software is the powerful and reliable hardware host. Arranger is designed to fully leverage the powerful capabilities of all Digi IP hardware. One software platform to build, manage, and control all Digi IP and AV devices on a network for many vertical applications.


Product Features

  • Easy-to-construct AV system presets.
  • AV system analytics deliver a strong ROI.
  • Build touchscreen and QR control using UI creator, no programming languages required!
  • Use global cache devices to control and activate relays, switches, contact closures, and sensors for automation control.
  • Device/room configuration for faster deployment
  • Device/room monitoring and management to maximize uptime
  • System analytics and reporting to improve tech over time
  • Room control and automation*
  • Purpose-built hardware Liberty Digi IP and interoperable, high-speed USB over IP extension and active switching endpoints
  • Third-party IP-based devices
  • Non-IP devices**
  • Custom UI design

* Additional license or 3rd party control system required
** Global Cache by Liberty required


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