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Belden Inc. delivers the infrastructure that makes the digital journey simpler, smarter and secure. We’re moving beyond connectivity, from what we make to what we make possible through a performance-driven portfolio, forward-thinking expertise and purpose-built solutions. With a legacy of quality and reliability spanning 120-plus years, we have a strong foundation to continue building the future. We are headquartered in St. Louis and have manufacturing capabilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. For more information, visit us at; follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

Belden is an Alliance Partner.


For 100 years, Alpha Wire has developed products designed to offer superior performance and reliability across demanding applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor to advanced medical device cabling, Alpha Wire solutions can meet and exceed your application’s requirements.


Hirschmann is a leading full-service provider for high-end industrial networking solutions. The extensive product portfolio includes managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, wireless LAN and security systems as well as media converters, meeting the highest quality standards.


Lumberg Automation

Lumberg Automation is a leading supplier for industrial connectivity solutions. The extensive product portfolio includes power, sensor/actuator and data connectors as well as active and passive I/O modules. Lumberg Automation products offer compact design and outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics to meet the highest quality standards.


Data Centers

Data Centers
Belden empowers people and organizations to support in-building and across-campus data centers through industry-leading copper and fiber infrastructure. Whether your requirements are for an enterprise, edge, colocation, hyperscale or containerized/modular data center, our holistic solutions range from data transmission technologies to power and cooling, security, access control, monitoring and more.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings
Belden copper and fiber cable and connectivity solutions power a wide range of IT systems in commercial buildings including voice, data, fire, A/V and physical security systems. Customers rely on Belden products to seamlessly connect their communications.


Material Handling

Material Handling
Industry 4.0 and digitization offer new efficiencies in manufacturing and drive a significant shift in how customers want their products delivered. As the demand for timely, accurate deliveries has grown, so has the need for automation. Belden’s solution for material handlers addresses the most critical challenge on the path to automation–the slow, error-prone human tasks that create inefficiencies and waste.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods
Manufacturers need real-time data to improve decision-making. When CPG plants digitize, they’re able to create new automation and efficiencies to improve operational performance. Belden offers the expertise and end-to-end solutions that can take your CPG plants to the next level.



In government institutions, large amounts of classified and non-classified data need to be transmitted securely across the local, regional and national levels. Belden solutions were especially designed to support these essential infrastructure applications such as local area networks, access control and security, data centers, and A/V infrastructure.


Belden’s industrial automation solutions are uniquely designed to meet the needs of the Process market (Water/Wastewater, Chemicals, Oil & Gas). From securing the network to improving automation to preventing downtime, customers rely on Belden.

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Belden offers a comprehensive portfolio of network infrastructure products that form complete digitization solutions for customers across data acquisition, transmission, orchestration and management activities. From the field level to the application and management level, Belden’s leading industrial brands can address the convergence of the IT and OT worlds. Belden’s industrial product categories span networking, connectivity and network security.



Featured Products

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Belden Smart Building solutions connect people with facilities through innovative solutions for enhanced human engagement, productivity and security. Connections keep our world moving—and customers rely on Belden’s expertise and industry-leading cabling, connectivity and data center solutions to keep these vital connections growing.


Featured Products

Belden is pleased to announce the following new product launches and extensions. For a list of all recent product announcements, visit our new products page


Data Orchestration & Management

Data Acquisition & Transmission

  • Belden DataTuff Fiber Optic Renewable Grade Cables feature a robust, industrial-grade design to withstand renewable energy applications. Gel-free constructions are available, and the cables can be direct buried to reduce costs. 
  • Belden FiberExpress ECX Single Cassette Holders are durable metal fiber patch panels that hold one ECX fiber cassette to host fiber connections in small, tight spaces and reduce the network’s footprint. An extension of the ECX product family, this cost-effective solution can be mounted on a wall or DIN Rail for installation in nearly any indoor environment.
  • Belden Gel-Free Fiber Optic Cables speed up installation time, support a cleaner installation and reduce implementation costs with a compact, rugged design that delivers reliable, robust connectivity.
  • Belden RemoteIP Cables offer an IEEE-standards approach to solving real-world problems in applications where Category cabling falls short. They supply data and power to remote IP devices up to 215 m away, reducing costs and maximizing square footage by eliminating the need for new telecommunications rooms or costly media converters and extenders.
  • Lumberg Automation M8/M12 Field-Attachable Connectors with IDC Termination are compact, ruggedized and easy to install featuring quick termination. Their performance and reliability ensure dependable visibility and control to reduce maintenance costs, boost safety, improve efficiency and decrease downtime in CPG, automotive and machine building applications.


elden Fieldbus & Ethernet cables catalogue

Belden Fieldbus & Ethernet cables are designed to withstand the destructive conditions commonly found in industrial applications, such as temperature extremes, humidity/moisture, dust and oil. Invest in cable with proven performance and reliability to significantly reduce system failures and avoid costly downtime.

Select the right one according to application downloading the brand new Belden Fieldbus & Ethernet cables catalogue.

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Featured Belden Products