Your global operations can present a wide variety of challenges, regardless of your market or business objectives. Our global capabilities, help you succeed on a local, national and global scale by building a customizable program that fits your business, not ours. 















Global Supply Chain Optimization

We have the products, people and proven presence to assist you. Whether you are operating manufacturing plants in multiple states or implementing new technology across several continents, our global expertise is here to assist you:

  • Leverage spend, rationalize supply base and reduce total cost
  • Create a reliable supply chain on direct and indirect production products
  • To develop a reliable and resilient global supply chain

Global Project Execution

Whether you are building data centers in Asia, deploying smart city technology in Europe or implementing a strategic sourcing program in countries around the world, our global capabilities will help you:

  • Improve execution to complete projects on time, on budget and with lower risk
  • Increase safety measures
  • By performing compliance assessments and technology consultations
  • With guidance on installation and commission




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Global Project Execution

The levels of complexity inherent within global deployments arise from multiple stakeholders working in different languages and currencies across various countries, regions, continents and time zones. Trying to coordinate project deadlines with local customs and logistics is challenging, time-consuming and expensive.

With us, you can navigate your global deployment with experts who can help you focus on your business goals, not challenges. With a vast number of factors to consider for a global deployment; from compliance to technology selection and supply chain dynamics, selecting the right partner will help you develop best practices and streamline project deployments.

Global Project Execution


Our team of experts will help to simplify your complex global operations.

Program Management


  • Single point of contact
  • Global transactions
  • Implementation
  • Technical resources
Dedicated Team


  • Suppliers
  • Integrators
  • Contractors
  • Consultants
Global Operations


  • Supply chain services
  • Inventory team
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing


  • Legal
  • Global contracts
  • Preferred T&Cs
  • Compliance


  • Leveraged pricing
  • Credit
  • Business management
  • E-commerce




Global Supply Chain Optimization

We have the global capabilities and resources to help you improve productivity, reduce operating costs and build a competitive advantage anywhere in the world. Helping build a reliable supply chain is only the beginning of the capabilities we offer to help you succeed in the global marketplace.

15% materials savings icon
240 hours of labor savings icon
95% inventory availability icon
$1.5 million OPEX/CAPEX savings image

15% materials savings1

240 hours of labor savings2

95% inventory availability3

$1.5 million OPEX/CAPEX savings4

From actual projects: 1. Engineering services company | 2. A/V upgrade project | 3. U.S. energy provider | 4. International communications provider






Comprehensive Global Solutions

Global business requires best practices to achieve organizational objectives and streamline deployments. Get a free copy of our Comprehensive Global Deployments strategy guide to demystify global complexities.

Regardless of where you are on the map, Wesco Anixter consistently provides the same systems, processes and services globally - employing local personnel, language and currency. Our strategic support programs for complex global challenges are delivered with high standards and excellence anywhere your business takes you. 

Complex Global Deployment



See how global supply chain and project execution optimization can work for you.


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