Systems Engineers Focused on Your Requirements

The Technology Solutions GroupSM is a team of systems engineers, regional security managers and laboratory personnel who focus on your unique business requirements and apply their knowledge and expertise to your needs to help you achieve your goals.

We are available to offer advice and support on challenges our customers may face whether it is looking for advice on the best network cable, assisting with electrical design or developing an IP video migration strategy.

 After 15 years of dealing with Anixter all over the globe, their unwavering commitment and knowledge is unmatched. Whether it is a simple customer need or a complex multisite rollout, Anixter is dedicated to satisfying that need through exemplary focus on service. 

John P. Lees, C.P.M. , Global Project Office Manager, IBM

 It is Anixter's investment in knowledgeable, quality personnel and easy ordering processes that complement one another and come together in a highly professional and worry-free experience. 

Laura McHugh, IBM Project Support Specialist

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, reliable and efficient team for great products and unique customer service, contact us.